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spa vacation

Spa Vacations And All Inclusive Packages

Some people may consider the spa vacation as being a relatively new invention for a holiday – but nothing could be further from the truth.

In ancient Greece Hippocrates, the father of medicine, extolled the virtues of relaxing in hot springs and invigorating cold plunges.

The Romans followed his lead and developed bathhouses where visitors enjoyed the delights of shared bathing in hot water.

Whilst for centuries, people have traveled many miles to areas where natural springs abound in order to spend a few days 'taking the waters'.

Relax And De-Stress

So why should you consider a spa destination for your next vacation? The answers to that are many-fold. More often than not holidays are taken in order to relax, de-stress and generally enjoy a little 'me time'.

What better way to achieve all those things than a visit to a spa! There are a plethora of spa hotels and resorts to chose from.

All of which offer not only luxurious spa treatments and therapies, but include accommodation, some wonderful dining experiences, peaceful surroundings and, as often as not, other attractions and interests.

Spa and golf destinations are particularly popular. Gone are the days of golf widows. Instead of spending hours sitting alone with a paperback for company waiting for hubby to reach the 19th hole, the lady of the house can enjoy a day of pampering and well-being whilst hubby has a round or two.

Perfect For Singles

A spa vacation is also an excellent holiday choice for singles. Giving focus to a trip away when traveling alone can help to fill days that might otherwise be a lonely experience.

Combined with the opportunity to meet other like minded guests and also enjoying some very individual rejuvenation, a luxury destination spa is certainly a good choice if you're considering a holiday by yourself.

Perfect For The Girls

Perhaps you're looking for an alternative vacation to enjoy with a group of friends.

What better way to spend a girlie weekend than by sharing the pleasure of being pampered and preened with your best friends?

Perfect For The Guys

Of course, this isn't purely the domain of female groups; many spas have bespoke treatments designed specifically with men in mind.

A spa vacation may not be the first destination one would think of if organizing a boys break, but it is certainly an option worth considering.

Rejuvenating Spa Getaways

Picking Where To Go

So you're sold you on the idea of a spa vacation. But where to go, and what to expect, that is the next question.

Let's take a look at one or two establishments that are well versed in offering fabulous spa vacations.

The Golden Door Spa

The Golden Door Spa in Escondido, California has a wealth of experience. Founded in 1958 it is inspired by ancient Japanese spas and architecture.

A tranquil sanctuary that accommodates only 40 guests at a time for weeklong breaks, it offers superb levels of guest care and hospitality.

The Golden Door Spa has a full range of sumptuous spa treatments and facilities, pools, aerobic gyms, private fitness sessions, tennis courts, solarium and 20 miles of switchback hiking trails through the stunning Californian countryside.

More recently the Golden Door Spa has drawn on its expertise and opened four more stunning spas in Arizona, Colorado, Florida and a Caribbean heaven in Puerto Rico.

Their latest addition opens this year is in Utah, where skiing is also available.

If "vacation" means a family break with the children then a spa break can still be a real option.

The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa

There are many family orientated spa destinations available.

The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona offers an eclectic mix of top notch facilities to suit all ages.

Offering sumptuous accommodation, it also features a luxurious spa with 19 treatment rooms, designed mainly, though not exclusively, for adults.

It also has children's clubs – great to give mum and dad some free time too, a massive adventure water park, 27 hole golf course, tennis courts and numerous pools.

Add to that it's eight restaurants, with their huge selection of mouth-watering dishes and you have the recipe for a wonderful family spa vacation.

Alone, a couple, family or group, there is a spa vacation that will be just right for your vacation.

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Spa Vacation
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