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The most important spa information is that every woman loves a spa, be it a day treatment or a weekend of total indulgence. Either choice makes for the perfect gift to give or to pamper yourself.

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Valentines Day Spa
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We look at the different types of spas to help you choose the right spa destination for you and make the most of your time there. There are a fantastic selection of therapies available and many spas offer a wide range of treatments. 

But there is probably no point in going to a spa that specializes in holistic therapies such as Reiki and Crystal healing if you are looking for a hydrotherapy session followed by a manicure and facial.

Choosing The Best Spa For You

Spas come in all shapes and sizes. Some are experts in a particular field, whilst others offer a broad spectrum of facilities. There are sumptuous hotel spas designed to present the pinnacle of opulent indulgence to their guests. 

Alternatively there are chic day spas and treatment rooms, boutique spas catering for just a few clients at a time, single sex spas, spa retreats, mobile spas, health spas, beauty spas, eco spas, weight loss spas – the list seems endless. 

The spa information and articles that you will find on this site aim to take just a little of the mystery out of spas and spa breaks, though not too much. We'll take a peek at the treatments and therapies you can find behind the doors of these havens of peace and relaxation. We'll have a wander through the types of spa available, and some of the facilities you can expect to find in them. 

You'll also find some great reviews featuring some of the best, most famous and award winning spas throughout Britain, Europe, America and beyond. From saunas to ice rooms, exotic Frangipani nourishing body wraps to four handed hot stone massages we'll help you to make an informed decision when choosing which spa type and destination is right for you. 

Beauty Spas

The Beauty Spa

 The Beauty Spa

Enjoy all beauty spas have to offer, improve your visual appearance and introduce your senses to intense pleasure

The Day Spa

The Day Spa

Day spas are not an indulgence. Face life with a fresh face and a more laid back attitude with regular visits to the day spa

Health Spa Information

The Health Spa

The Health Spa

From skin care to weight and healthy eating, massage, natural, medical and alternative therapies, exercise and spiritual well being 

The Hydro Spas

Hydro Spas

Step into warm, mineral or aromatherapy rich water and totally relax in the warm ambience of the pool

Body Massage Spas

Body Massage Spas

The emphasis is on treatments that are administered by a therapist and heat based facilities where the act of being in them is the therapy in itself

Spa Vacations

Eco Spa Resorts

Eco Spa Resort

Ecologically sound treatments and facilities are now available. Try a green spa for holistic therapies using natural products

Full Spa Resorts

Full Spa Resorts

Are you looking for a relaxing break or holiday destination that offers a wide selection of activities, the spa resort concept is the place for you

Spa Vacation Packages

Spa Vacation Packages

More often than not holidays are taken in order to relax, de-stress and generally enjoy a little 'me time'

The Luxury Spa Hotels

Luxury Spa Hotels

Here is how those luxury hotel spas will pamper you in five star luxury

The Gift Of A Spa

Spa Gift Certificates

Spa Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift that is personal, thoughtful and will be genuinely appreciated by the recipient? Need corporate gifts with a human touch? 

Valentines Spa

Valentines Day Spa

Make your own spa for a romantic Valentines Day treat for both of you, seven tips to help you plan the perfect Valentine's Day at-home spa escape 

Mothers Day Spa Gift

Mother's Day At The Spa

A gift your mother will enjoy, make this Mother's day extra special by booking a spa treatment. 

Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: January 13, 2015

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