Spa Gift Certificates

Spa gift certificates are a personal and thoughtful gift. Have you ever been stuck for a novel gift idea for a loved one? Looking for something that is personal, thoughtful and will be genuinely appreciated by the recipient? Need corporate gifts with a human touch? Then a spa gift certificate might just be the answer.

There are innumerable spas throughout the world, such is their popularity. If there is not one on your street corner, there is probably one not far from your workplace; and be assured that the plush hotel or health club just a mile away will have one among its facilities.

 A vast majority of spas and treatment rooms will offer gift certificates, vouchers or cards. They are of course a great way of encouraging custom to the spa, but moreover are a superb way of pampering someone special. 

You can let them know how much they mean to you without spending hours getting sore feet, traipsing around the stores looking for that illusive perfect 'something'! 

Not Sure What Spa Gift Certificates  To Choose?

If you are uncertain which spa to purchase gift certificates from you can go for a safer option of purchasing them from a spa and hotel chain. For instance the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel and Resort Group offers gift cards that can be used for any of their experiences, from accommodation and dining to spa treatments. 

With some 80 establishments across the globe that all offer sumptuous spa facilities, and cards that can be purchased with a value of anything from $100 to $100,000, there should be something to suit every pocket and location.

The Perfect Gift Idea

Spa Finders

Another alternative is to purchase a gift certificate from a company such as This recourse is a specialized online spa review and recommendation site. They offer certificates that can be exchanged in on one of thousands of spas globally.

Prices start at just $25 and the certificates have no expiry date, so they are an ideal solution if you are buying for someone who is in a distant location.

Some spa gift certificates have to be exchanged for specific spa treatments and packages, whilst others have a monetary value and are exchangeable for goods and treatments to the value of.

In some cases the 'goods' may be super sumptuous products from some of the leading manufacturers such as Clarins, Elemis and Decleor, or from a spa's own range which are often delicious, organic oils and creams. 

Spa Package Gift Certificates

If you want to push the boat out it is worth considering a spa package gift certificate. Day spas will offer packages that include treatments, luncheon, use of facilities and quite often special 'goodie bags'. 

Whilst many hotels and resorts offer packages that include spa treatments, luxury accommodation, dining and sometimes even other activities such as golf or horse riding. 

So now that you are sold on the idea of a spa gift certificate, the big question is where do you get them? That's simple. You can, of course, call in person or by telephone to make a purchase, but the easiest and most popular way of buying them is via the Internet. 

Most spas and spa hotels have their own web site and include an online purchasing facility. You'll find that in many cases you can either print out your certificate or arrange to have it sent in the post to the recipient; gift wrapped of course.
Author: Tanna Mayer

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