Sonicare Tooth Brush Review

Many dentists and dental hygienists recommend electric tooth brushing systems like Sonicare. The reason is that these systems do a much better job on our teeth than we can do with a manual toothbrush.

With that in mind, this article offers a Sonicare Tooth Brush Review for your consideration before you buy.

The Inner Workings of Sonicare

A group of peridontists invented Sonicare as a means to combat gum disease. The bristles on the head of the Sonicare toothbrush move very quickly, up to three times as fast a other electric tooth brush systems.

The motion mirrors the best style of brushing that dentists recommend.

This helps in removing plaque both on the teeth and plaque that hides beneath the gum line. Getting rid of that plaque also deters bacteria that grows inside our mouths, making for a far healthier oral environment.


Features & Benefits

A really interesting feature of the Sonicare toothbrush is a built-in timer. If you divide your mouth into four sections (upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right) and begin brushing in the first section, the timer on the toothbrush goes off after 30 seconds.

This way you know you’ve given each part of your mouth equal attention and brush your teeth for the full two minutes that dentists recommend for healthy teeth and gums.

Other very smart design features and benefits include
: - being rechargeable
- effective against stains (including tobacco, coffee and tea)
- money back guarantee that you’ll see results in 28 days
- plaque reducing (up to 20%) - combats bad breath - can be used with braces - stimulates saliva production (important to healthy teeth and gums)
- reduces the amount of time necessary for professional cleanings
- long battery life - signals when you’re brushing too hard
- color coded toothbrush heads so you always know which is yours

Besides this the toothbrush’s action works on the gums, keeping them healthy, and reducing the user’s risk of periodontal disease and bone loss. There is no way for manual tooth brushes to accomplish the same level of cleaning.

Cost Factor:

At first the Sonicare Toothbrush’s price tag may seem deterring. The average cost is about $109.00. Additionally, every six months you’re supposed to replace the brush heads. Two heads run $30.00. Nonetheless, you’ll save that amount (if not more) by having healthy teeth and gums when you go for your bi-annual checkups.

Consumer Reviews:

In reading various Sonicare Toothbrush reviews the vast majority of buyers had great things to say about this product. They like the power behind the toothbrush, the two minute timer, and the overall results achieved using the toothbrush (visible stain reduction in under one month).

Other comments included appreciating the soft-grip handle for manageability, the long battery charge (up to 2 weeks!), and the travel case that’s included with the set.

Overall the Sonicare Toothbrush delivers on its promises and promotes healthy teeth and gums when used properly.



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