Soft Updo Hair For 2010

The Trendy Look For Updos This Spring And Summer Is Soft And Romantic

Severe cookie cutter Barbie updos are out making your style look dated and over done. You need soft texture in your hair for these styles

Here is how to get the new softer look.

soft updo hair


Start by rubbing a mattifying powder well into your roots for volume.

Next gently pull through your hair to the ends.

Create soft loose waves using your flat iron or curling iron.

Pin up your hair section by section to get these soft romantic looks.

Leave pieces free for effect, you can also experiment by leaving different pieces of your updo free.

For example try:
Leaving a ½ section of hair around your complete hairline free from the updo

Pin remaining hair up section by section

Next take sections of the free hair and crisscross it in a basket weave style on top of your updo pinning into place.

Enjoy, soft updo hair


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