Snap On Teeth

Snap On System For Teeth

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry you know it’s incredibly expensive. The good news is that Snap On Teeth are an affordable and non-evasive approach that will give you the beautiful smile you want.

What are Snap On Teeth?

The Snap on system is a bit like a glove for your teeth. This devise goes on right over a person’s natural teeth without the need for adhesives to stay in place.

You can even eat with them on. The design of the system is intended to be strong, flexible, and easy to put in and take out with little fuss.

These teeth are made from acetyl resin. They’re shaped by taking a mold of your natural teeth so the final construction fits smoothly into place.

Better still, you can choose the shape of your smile and the color of your teeth to completely personalize the end results.


Once in place, snap ons do not impinge gum tissue making the final appearance very natural looking. Snap on teeth can be used as removable partial dentures, a temporary retainer, or as long-term tool to make your smile look brighter and whiter. Better still, for people who do not want extensive restorative treatments, the snap on system can provide results quickly at a much more reasonable cost.


There are numerous benefits to the snap on system including:

Personalized system that’s ready in about 2 weeks (instead of having to spend hours in the dentist’s office over many months)

No drilling
No adhesives
Completely reversible
Durable and stain resistant
Natural, contoured appearance
Can eat while wearing it
Can be polished
Life span of 3-5 years
May be worn for full days

Additionally, snap on teeth need not cover the whole mouth. They can fit into any quadrant, and two appliances can be worn together. Note that if there are any problems with the initial set of snap on teeth, patients can get an adjusted replacement for up to 60 days after delivery.

Any Drawbacks?

A person’s speech can be affected somewhat by snap on teeth because they feel different and the tongue engages them slightly differently. It takes a little white to get the hang of it, but with practice normal patterns return. Unless recommended, snap on teeth should not be worn to bed.

Who Can use Them?

Nearly anyone can use this system. It’s particularly viable for individuals with medical conditions that may make implants and bridges counter-indicated. Additionally snap on teeth allow a patient to see what a veneer or other restorative process will look like should they decide on taking that step in the future.

How to Get Them:

To get snap on teeth you’ll need to make an appointment with your dentist for consultation. At that meeting your dentist will take a mold of your teeth from which the snap on system gets made. You choose the final look and color of your teeth at that time too. Two weeks later – you’re ready to smile.



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