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This group of rockers totally get the horror that can come from a basic outfit and a suitably creepy mask.

All the better, if they are freaky looking band costumes like rock musicians Slipknot, whose onstage masked theatrics can be compared to the made up magic of KISS, arguably the granddaddies of shock rock.

The simplicity of the uniform/mask combo also can’t be beat! Start your run as a member of the Slipknot army in their “military” issue black uniform, consisting of a button up black shirt and elastic waistband pants.

The outfit even comes with iron on numbers to correspond with the mask of whichever band member (and there are lots to choose from) that you’d choose to don.

What an easy choice for a group costume!


adult slipknot costumeThe Slipknot Masks

The first offering is from Slipknot’s guitarist Mick, Mick Slipknot Mask the metal-look latex mask has a bit of “Silence of the Lambs” Hannibal Lector thrown in to the look.

And what’s scarier than that?

Then there is drummer Joey Jordison’s mask that definitely pays a bit of homage to predecessors KISS.

This white, expressionless face is painted over with black lips and facial design.

Guitarist James Root’s mask is somewhat similar with black zippered lips and painted red eyes on a furrowed brow.

Percussionist Chris Fehn’s mask is an over the head latex number, with a fake black hood and a red face with long pointy nose and zippered lips.

Creepier than an old repeat of “Twin Peaks! Character 133 has a mask that is reminiscent of “Hellraiser’s”

Pinhead, a new classic movie monster, with long spikes jutting out from all sides, and zippered lips.


The Clown is another percussionist creation – an over the head latex mask that mimics bloody bandages wrapped around the head and face and finishes with a red clown nose.

adult slipknot costumeSlipknot vocalist Corey Taylor wears a homemade creation that looks like sutured, muddy skin complete with crooked mouth and hollowed eyes.

Master of the turntables Sid Wilson wears a face only growling skeleton face with rivets affixed to the different bones.

Menacing and frightening!

Finally bass player Paul Gray (how many band members do they have?!), has a black face mask that’s been cracked up over a spiky teeth. Very freaky.

Each face only mask has Velcro straps attached at the back for comfortable wear. All zippered lips are latex only, and can not actually be zipped or unzipped.

Gives me the chills just thinking about this creepy band! 

You can be sure to expect more tricks than treats when a group of these masked bandits show up at your door Halloween night – spooky! 

* Make sure you buy authentic and licensed Slipknot costumes and masks.

Featured Slipknot Uniform

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slipknot costumes


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