Sleep Dark Circles Eyes

Sleep dark circles eyes are not attractive, and your eyes tend to be the first thing that people notice when they look at you; so you want to be sure they make a good impression.

Sleep Dark Circles Eyes

Wake Up Sleepy Eyes

While your eyes are known as the window to your soul, they can also be what lead people to believe that you haven't slept in weeks. The only truly natural fix for sleep dark circles eyes is to catch more z's, but if that's not an option, you do have a few others.

Deflating Puffy Eyes

We've all heard health professionals say that caffeine is not good for our health and that we should strictly limit our intake. Well, there is good news for all you caffeine addicts out there; caffeine has actually been proven to help wake your eyes up and reduce puffiness. The caffeine speeds up your circulation and helps keep fluid from building up in places where it shouldn't, like your eyes.

So go ahead and enjoy your morning cup of coffee; your eyes need it. Another quick puffiness remedy is to put anything cold around your eyes. Keeping your eye gel in the fridge and applying a small amount to your lids and just below the eye is a great way to wake those eyes up. If you can find a gel that contains caffeine, the benefits will be even better.

Keep Your Concealer Natural and Light

The first rule of concealers is to ditch the thick and heavy stuff and choose something very light. Liquid and cream products are much better at giving your eyes a natural look than other products. The trick is to find a shade that blends in and ends up looking just like your own skin. To do this, pick the shade that most closely matches your own skin color that has a yellow or peach undertone.

Blend Away Those Sleep Dark Circles Eyes

To make sure that you get the absolute best results from your concealer, here's a how-to list of concealer application:

  1. Use your finger or an applicator to place a dot of product on the inside corner of your eyes
  2. Place a couple more dots underneath your eyes to cover any of the purple or blue discoloration that often pops up
  3. Using your ring finger (because it's the weakest and you don't want to apply too much pressure around the gentle eye area), tap on the dots to blend them into your skin; do not rub.
  4. To keep your skin tone even, place some concealer on your lids with your ring finger until blended

Give Your Lashes Some Curl

The step most-often skipped during a morning routine, curling your eyelashes is a huge part of making your eyes look awake and alert. When your lashes are curled, the upper part of your eye is emphasized and it keeps the hair from creating a shadowy look around your eyes.

Proper Curl Protocol:

  1. Position the curler as close to the root of your lashes as you can (but be careful not to catch your lid)
  2. Keep your eyes straight forward and close the curler; holding for at least 5 seconds
  3. Release and Repeat


This fabulous little product also helps to draw attention towards your upper eye, so mixed with curling, you've got a fool proof eye-awakening plan.


  1. Choose a waterproof in dark brown or black
  2. Wipe the applicator before each use to remove any excess mascara
  3. Brush through your lashes (one or two strokes) from root to tip. You should be left with lashes that look naturally long and pretty, open eyes.


When it comes to highlighting to get rid of those sleep dark circles eyes, mica is your best friend. This active ingredient in highlighting creams reflects light, which brightens the entire area and helps draw attention away from the imperfections that make you look sleepy.

Just blend a tiny amount of highlighting cream right under your eyebrows and in the inside corners of your eyes. For extra help and some added sparkle, try brushing some eye shadow in a champagne shade across your lids. Not only will the sleep dark circles eyes be gone, but you'll also be dazzling all day!

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Updated October 24, 2011

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