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Skinny Vegan Diet

The Skinny Vegan diet plan is fancied by celebrity and every day people alike.

The Skinny On Vegan Diets

It is supposed to help you lose weight so you can look like one of those thin girls in the magazine ads.

This Skinny Vegan Diet is based on a book, Skinny B**** but we won’t say that word here. (-:

The name is over the top and so it the language in the book but we are more concerned with the meat and bones of this diet (there is plenty of the latter and none of the former).

This is basically a vegan eating plan that detoxifies the body. As a vegan eating plan, there are no animal fats allowed. You’ll have to leave the pig, cow, fish, and chicken at the door. According to the creators, animal products are ruining our organs and overloading our intestines.

The Foods You Can Eat On The Skinny Vegan Diet

Here are a few of the foods that are allowed on the Skinny Vegan diet plan:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Organic oils
  • Desserts made with raw sugar and unrefined ingredients
  • Water, tea, and wine (sparingly)

They do allow some processed foods like soy ice cream and veggie fries but that’s it.

Usually you eat when you are hungry or every few hours, but here, you wait until you are starving to know the feeling of true hunger. There are more banned foods than foods you can eat. If you aren’t sure, anything that you are used to eating is probably not allowed.

The emphasis here is on cleaning out the body to reprogram it to accept healthier fare. Unfortunately, this diet doesn’t list nutritional information or go by any known guidelines for daily nutritional requirements.

In fact, many vegans and vegetarians have issues with getting enough protein with the absence of meat. You will encounter the same issue here. Other vitamins are also probably missing from the mix here as well.

Think about it: you will lose weight because you are eating next to nothing when it comes to calories.

The hunger factor is high with the lack of food choices. If you could stay on this diet for a month, you’d probably fall off the wagon after that. There are other diet plans that allow meat, fish, eggs, and dairy in moderation and you still lose weight.

The Skinny Vegan diet is definitely a fad. The meal plan lacks proper accounting of nutritional value to make proper food choices.

Besides that, fish, dairy products, and lean meats contain vital nutrients you can’t get naturally from other sources. Look for something more satisfying to get healthy.


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