Skincare Over 40, Your Best Face Is Yet To Come

Invest a little more time in skincare over 40, the rewards are great, no matter what the date reads on your driver's license, your best face can still be yet to come with proper face care and the right products.

Even if you've been less than vigilant in your beauty routine thus far, today is a great day to re-launch your skincare routine to reveal a radiant complexion.

skincare over 40

The New Wonder Ingredients In Women's Skin Care Over 40

Keep an eye out for any number of the new wonder ingredients in face care. Such as free radical fighting vitamin C, which does battle against toxins and pollution while simultaneously firming and increasing collagen production and vitamin E which keeps skin baby soft and supple.

These are great additions for skincare over 40 and to your products of choice, and they can be found in everything from cleansers on up. Vitamin A, or retinol, will keep your skin firm and toned and the addition of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) will keep pores tight and clean, and resurface your face.

Cleansing, Make It Count

Even cleansing your skin can impart a hydrating boost if you choose your products wisely. Try swapping out your tried and true deep cleanser for a cream or oil version, like Origins Pure Cream Cleanser or the Clean Energy Oil.

These cleansers need not even be rinsed, you can just wipe clean with a washcloth to preserve the precious moisture of your face with almost no muss or fuss. Cleansing should be followed by toning, but gone are the days of stinging astringents. Toners have taken a more soothing turn when packed with goodies like aloe and chamomile, and will keep skin fresh and clean without stripping it of natural, healthy oils.


If you have never been much for exfoliating in your face care, it's never too late to get started. It is a very important part of skin care after 40. Start with once or so a week, and choose a gentle product with rounded, scrubby beads and natural ingredients. One to try is the Almond and Honey Scrub from Mario Badescu. Apply to moist skin in gentle, circular motions and be kind to your face - it's the only one you get!

Sunscreen After 40

Sunscreen and moisturizer have hopefully long been an integral part of your day to day ready getting process, and it will continue to be for skincare over 40. Even if your complexion leans toward the shiny side or, gasp!, you have been known to fall victim to the occasional blemish, you still need that extra boost of hydration to keep your face healthy and beautiful.

Facial lotion should include an element of sun protection, but it's a good idea to always add in a standalone sunscreen on top. Nothing is a greater enemy to a flawless face than sun damage, so make sure you lather up with an SPF of at least 15, but you need not go much higher than 50 or so.

Best Night Creams For Night Time Repair

Night cream and eye cream should be incorporated into your regime for skincare over 40 as well. Eye cream will firm and smooth the delicate skin, and night creams generally offer a great deal of restorative properties, working overtime while you sleep to plump and freshen the face you wake up to. Check out the mega-hydrating Mario Badescu Protein Night Cream and the Enchanted Eye Cream from Lush Cosmetics.

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Author: Tanna Mayer
Updated: March 3, 2015

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