Skin Resurfacing

Skin resurfacing can give your complexion a fresh new start. Although we may not wish to grow old without fighting the effects of the hands of time, neither do we always have the time or desire to go under the scalpel just for wrinkle free flesh. 

Skin Resurfacing Treatment

By using exfoliation and chemical peels, you can enjoy a wondrous difference in the color, tone, thickness, collagenation and even circulation of your skin.

Today's skin car products contain active ingredients such as Ascorbic acid, Hydroquinone, Glycolic and Lactic acid, Retinol, Kinerase, and Kojic acids. 

Choose products that provide anti-oxidation, moisturization, growth stimulation and depigmentation.

By encouraging a new collagen layer to grow, you smooths away your wrinkles and the results can be stunning without going under a scalpel.

Skin Resurfacing - Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion on a weekly basis that use sodium bicarbonate you will find that over time crystalline epidermal resurfacing will take your epidermis down to a single cell layer.

If you delve into skin resurfacing that is even heavier, you may find the resurfacing reaching into the upper dermis. You will be left with renewed color, tone and texture with the removal of fine lines, pigmentation and Acne scars being a bonus.

By Injection


You can receive Botox® injections to downplay wrinkles which include frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, and sometimes fine lip lines. Botox® is disinfected Clostridium botulinum toxin, a strong neurotoxin which stops some of the muscles involved in making facial expressions from contracting and wrinkling the skin for up to six months.

Botox® injections leave smooth areas on the forehead, between the eyes, and crow’s feet are gone for many women. It is fast, works well, there is no healing time, and everything is done in the office.

Blending Botox®, with a reliable skin care program along with Microdermabrasion and laser treatments can leave you with a noticeable enhancement in your skin tone, color, texture, wrinkles and thickness.

For more stubborn spots on your face such as marionette lines, around-the-mouth expression lines, and upper lip lines from smoking one can get a tissue filler known as collagen that is injected. Juvederm remains one of the most effective and popular fillers.

With numerous injections into these stubborn facial lines, you can see them reduced by a significant amount. Collagen injections also need to be repeated every three to six months.

Lips thin somewhat as you age and that can make your face appear older. Your lips can be injected with collagen every three to six months. Or, you can opt to have strips implanted that will last a lot longer. These strips can be implanted with a minor surgical procedure that does not take more than twenty minutes.

Science, more than nature is now providing us with the best techniques that are both proven as safe and useful in making your skin return to the most youthful condition possible.

Beyond these methods mentioned, it is also essential that you drink water, keep hydrated, get enough rest and exercise and avoid over using tobacco and alcohol.

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Updated: November. 18 2014

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