Skin Care For Adult Acne

Adult Acne

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Once we become adults we expect pimples to go away. Unfortunately many adults suffer with breakouts and find themselves seeking skin care for adult acne without really knowing where to begin.

Nearly 20 percent of all adults experience some adult acne when they’re between the ages of 25 and 45.

So what is the way to achieve clear skin? Let’s face it acne can really damage your self esteem and confidence.

There is no one cause of acne that you can simply eliminate from your life, and there’s no way to predict if you will get it. Nonetheless you do have some tools at your disposal to protect and nourish your skin so that if you do develop acne it won’t be as severe and your skin will be able to heal more readily.

Common Contributors For Adult Acne

Adult acne can appear nearly anywhere, but its most common on the face, shoulders, chest and back, with some less common breakouts on limbs. If you experience a breakout seemingly from no where the first question to ask yourself is: Have I changed any of my skin and hair care products recently?

Whether it’s a shaving cream, makeup, sunscreen, or shampoo, a lot of commercial brands contain oil that clogs pores. A pore that cannot breathe is one at risk of acne. Take a moment to read all your product labels. You want to find non-comedogenic products (in simple terms, these don’t clog pores).

As you’re going through your inventory remember that less is better when you have acne. Too many different products can irritate your skin and slow the rate at which it heals. Keep it simple and get rid of anything past its expiration date.

Don’t Touch!

Skin care for adult acne includes a “no touch” policy. The more you touch your acne, the easier it becomes to infect other areas on your face because you’re transferring bacteria. This is also why we’re told never to pop acne pimples.

The squeezing pushes bacteria down into the skin where it can contribute to more infection and scarring. The potential for spreading acne is also why you should never over-scrub your face. That can injure your already sensitive skin further. Use mild soap, warm water, and always remember to moisturize so that the skin that IS healthy stays healthy.

Loosen up:

Wearing tight fitting clothing particularly during times when you’re going to be highly active can irritate acne. When you do get sweaty, the sooner you can clean up afterward the better. Any clothing or accessories that are exposed to sweat should be cleaned regularly to avoid the chance of bacterial build up.

Skin Care For Adult Acne
The Stress Test:

Some adults find that decreasing their stress levels improves the condition of their skin. Stress is really hard on all of your body’s systems, particularly our immunity. Exactly how you go about changing your lifestyle to decrease stress-producers is a personal choice. While you’re doing that, remember to integrate foods that re-build your system, particularly those rich in antioxidants that will improve your skin’s ability to heal itself.




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