Simple Hairstyles You Can Do In Minutes

simple hairstyle Many women simply do not have the time or the dedication that it takes to wear hairstyles that are complicated to achieve. However, this does not eliminate the desire to look and feel great.

There are many simple hairstyles out there for each hair length and hair type.

Here, we will be covering a few of these hairstyles and the steps that are required to achieve these looks.

If you are looking for a no fuss, simple hairstyle that brings out your beauty and personality, this article can help you do just that.

Slick Sides

If you are looking for a simple hairstyle that is easy to accomplish, the slick sides hairstyle will be just right for you.

All you have to do to create this hairstyle is to wash it and condition it. Then, you should spray the hair with some smoothing shine.

Once this has been done, you can either allow it to air dry or use a simple diffuser in order to do so.

simple hairstyle slick up side do


Up Side Do

The up side do is very easy to accomplish. You will simple want to brush the hair to one side and then take some hot rollers and push the hair in an upward direction on the sides.

You should allow the rollers to sit in the hair for a while.

Prior to taking them out, you should spray the hair with some hairspray.

This will create a simple, yet sophisticated style that will be extremely comfortable for you.

This style is quite easy to maintain.




simple hairstyle soft curlsClassy Curls

If you love curls, but you want a simple hairstyle, the classy curls look is definitely for you.

This hair style is really easy. When you get up in the mornings, you will want to brush the hair to the side.

Once you have done this, simply place hot rollers on the sides. You will want to mist with some basic strong hold hairspray in order for the curls to set appropriately.

Once you set the rollers, you can go and get ready for work, have some breakfast and whatever else you need to do.

When you are ready to go, simply take the rollers out, use a little more hairspray and go.



simple hairstyle height and flipped ends


Many petite women prefer to add a little height to their hairstyle.

One of the simple hairstyles that are available where you can accomplish this is the height hairstyle.

You simply take some rollers and put in your bangs and the top of the hair.

You then pull back the hair into a banana clip and then place some rollers on the back of the hair.

Once you remove the rollers, you will want to take a pick and brush through the hair. Then, spray some leave in conditioner all around the hair and some hairspray.




There are many different types of simple hairstyles that can be worn by the woman who does not want the fuss and cost of consistent maintenance. The styles exhibited on this page show some of the most popular hairstyles for those who are seeking simplicity.


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