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misha barton chignon hairstyleThe post-Oscar party thrown by Vanity Fair was a hit as always. The evening was made that much more special due to an appearance by super hot young actress Mischa Barton wearing her locks in a simple chignon.












As Mischa Barton is clearly aware of, when you wear an elaborate gown, you may wish to opt for a more basic hairstyle. This way, your overall look is one of elegance instead of being overwhelming.

There are so many countless benefits to wearing a simple chignon in your hair. Women with all hair types and textures can easily sport a chignon. A chignon like Mischa Barton's is geared to compliment your outfit and show off the structure of your facial features.

One of the best parts about a simple chignon is how easy they are to create. Many hairstyles that are suitable for a formal occasion take a long amount of time to create.

Usually you will find yourself in a stylists's chair, shelling out a lot of money to have an elegant hairstyle crafted for you. With a simple chignon however, you can in mere minutes and for very little cost, create this hairstyle at home all by yourself.

As with other updos, Mischa Barton's simple chignon will style with more ease on hair that is not freshly washed. However, one of the most important elements to a chignon is that they are known for being shiny and sleek.

This can be achieved in different ways, one of which can be misting your hair lightly with a leave in spray shine once your simple chignon is in place. A chignon can be worn in various different ways, Mischa has gone with the simple and most classic version for her after hours Oscar party appearance

Simple To Style

Misha Barton's Simple Chignon Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Shampoo and condition your locks with products designed for your hair type and condition the day before your event.
Style Hair Steps Distribute a dollop of styling mousse or gel throughout your hair evenly with your fingers.
Work out any tangles with a wide toothcomb.
Style Hair Steps Blow dry your hair using a paddle brush. While drying, ensure that the nozzle of your dryer is facing down so that your hair cuticles are flattened.
Style Hair Steps One the day of your event, work with a paddle brush to direct your hair back off of your forehead.
Style Hair Steps Create a ponytail at the base of your neck and then split it in half. Use your hand to direct one of the sections into a twist and after twisting under, pin securely.
Style Hair Steps This process will also need to be done with the other section of hair.
Style Hair Steps You can opt to smooth a small dab of pomade back over the crown and sides of your head to control flyaway strands.
Style Hair Steps Mist liberally with hairspray and or spray shine for a glossy finish.

Although this is how Mischa Barton decided to style her simple chignon hairstyle, you can always work with different looks to create another one of the countless chignon variations.

To make your look even more unique, feel free to experiment with different types of hair accessories and jewelry.

That is an inexpensive way to play with your look and come up with something that suits your own personal sense of hair style.
Enjoy, A Simple Chignon Hairstyle

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