Side Ponytail Hairstyle, Style Brittany Snow's Cool Ponytail

brittany snow long blonde side ponytail hairstyleBrittany Snow shows that you can wear a hairstyle that is playful yet at the same time graceful. Brittany Snow’s long side ponytail hairstyle allows her youthfulness to come through while still maintaining a sophisticated edge

Brittany Snow wore this long side ponytail to the New York Premiere of Hairspray and it could not have been more suitable. A sweeping side ponytail such as this is elegant enough for very formal occasions.

However, you could just as easily sport this look in a far more casual situation. A great looking hairstyle like this is actually very versatile and can be dressed up or down as desired.

Brittany makes good use of hair color to flatter her features. The warm blonde shade of her locks combined with various highlights and lowlights offer a glow to her complexion and flatter her big blue eyes.

Although one could just as easily opt to leave the tail of a side ponytail straight, or even choose to implement tight curls, Brittany has gone in the middle with gentle waves.

Brittany Snow’s long, side ponytail may look fashionable and elegant but it is so simple to achieve. You can style this look in a very short amount of time. If desired, you could easily add hair accessories that match whatever outfit you happen to be wearing for an extra special touch.

A long, side ponytail would flatter a number of different fashion looks as well. Take for example Prom night; wearing this look with an off the shoulder gown would bring a lot of attention to the shoulder that does not have your hair draped over it.

Very chic ladies know that your hair is one more thing to accessories and work with your ensemble. Allow your locks to be an integral part of your all over look. Brittany Snow wears her bangs long and slightly swept to the side. This creates somewhat of a delicate frame to her face, which again plays compliment to her enormous blue eyes.


How To Do Ponytail

brittany snows hairstyle long blonde celebrity side ponytail hairstyle

Styling Steps - Brittany Snow 's Long Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair and condition thoroughly.
Style Hair Steps Distribute a small dab of moisturizer evenly through the middle of your hair down to the ends. This is a good way to provide additional conditioner as well as protection from heated styling tools.
Style Hair Steps Work a small touch of sculpture lotion for hold through your locks evenly.
Style Hair Steps With the tail end of your comb, work from the middle of your left eye back so as to create an even part.
Style Hair Steps Section your hair and blow-dry using a round brush. The back of your locks as well as the sides will need to be dried under. The crown of your hair should be dried under while lifting at the roots to give yourself volume.
Style Hair Steps Your bangs will be dried under and towards the right.
Style Hair Steps A medium barreled curling iron can be used to create curls around your head.
Style Hair Steps Pull your hair towards the right and pin securely at the back. Capture your locks into a low, side ponytail that rests over your shoulder.
Style Hair Steps With wax on your fingers, pinch the ends of your hair and pull your bangs gently to the side.
Style Hair Steps Mist with a finishing shine and hairspray.



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