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Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Shoulder length hairstyles tend to offer women the most versatility that they could ask for. This is because, you have plenty of length to play with, but your hair is not so long that your styling options are limited.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle

A Pefect Shoulder Length Style

Shoulder length is a wonderful option for women of all ages and work well with practically all face shapes and hair textures. This particular shoulder length hairstyle has incredibly long bangs with a deep part that allow one eye to peek-a-boo through.

Long layers with wispy, razored ends offer a lightness that make this hairstyle modern and seductive. A medium long hairstyle like this one is easily adapted for day or night, formal or casual occasions. It is also very easy to modify for different hair types and textures.

Even with the multitude of layering through the ends, this easy hairstyle can still be pulled back or swept up if the mood strikes you.

Style Steps Shoulder Length Hairstyle

  • Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type
  • Detangle damp locks with a wide tooth comb and evenly work a palmful of styling mousse through hair with your fingers
  • Use the edge of your comb to create your part working from outside corner of your right eye backward.
  • Also use your comb to create a division between your bang and the back of your hair by pulling your comb across your head and then brushing the rest of your hair back.
  • Blow dry your hair in small sections using a paddle brush to pull your hair downward while drying.
  • Use your brush to lift your roots through the crown of your hair to offer some height to your style.
  • Also lift the very top of your bang and then pull down and towards the side
  • When your hair is completely dry, rub some smoothing serum between your palms and carefully run your hands over your hair, avoid your roots as this product can weigh your locks down causing your style to fall flat
  • Mist with a light hold hairspray for control

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Updated February 28, 2012



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