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Shoulder Length Bob

One Hairstyle

Many women who have a shoulder length bob may feel as if they are stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to hairstyles. However, the shoulder length bob is actually a very versatile cut when it comes to various types of designs and styles.

There are a number of fantastic designs that can be used to bring out the best in this particular style.

Here, I will share some lovely styles that are quickly setting trends when it comes to the shoulder length bob hairstyle.

Relaxed Curl

shoulder length bob

If you want to experiment a little with rollers, the relaxed curl hairstyle for the shoulder length bob hair cut is the perfect choice.

This is a fun, perky hairstyle that many celebrities and other notable individuals around the world are starting to partake in. The following details the steps that are needed to achieve this style:

1. You will want to first part the hair to the right hand side. Once you do this, mousse should be applied to ensure a good hold.

2. The next step is to brush the bangs straight down on the forehead.

3. You should then apply hot rollers to the back of the hair and slightly spritz with a hair mousse that sprays. Most of these contain leave in conditioners and are beneficial to the health and shine of the hair once introduced to heat.

4. Take the hot rollers out and slightly tease your new curls with a radial brush. Once completed, spray with hairspray and go.


up style shoulder length bob

Perhaps you like to wear your hair back, you can easily achieve a beautiful look with the shoulder length bob hairstyle by pulling the hair back into a clip.

This is a relatively easy style as all it requires is brushing the hair back and spritzing with a leave in conditioner and mousse product.

Four Different Looks

Sleek And Trim

Sleek and Trim

The sleek and trim shoulder length bob is quickly setting trends among those who want to add the appearance of maturity and class.

This hairstyle is quite simple to achieve. It works best with hair that is thin, but can also be used in hair that is thick. By following the steps listed below, you too can achieve this look:

1. The first step to achieving the sleek and trim look is to ensure that the hair is straightened. You should apply a conditioning mousse and then use a straightener to smooth out any type of texture in the hair.

2. Once you have straightened the hair, the next step is to take a radial brush and a hair dryer and dry the hair towards the front of the face. You should spritz with a hairspray or similar product.

3. Once this is completed, brush the bangs straight down and apply smoothing shine to the hair.

Sleek And Trim

A Little Teasing

Do you like hairstyles that appear relaxed, but a little on the wild side? If so, you will absolutely love this teased bob hairstyle! To achieve this look, follow the next few steps:

1. Dry the hair thoroughly with a hair dryer. As you are drying it, brush and dry in various directions.

2. As the hair dries, spray in a little hairspray.

3. Once the hair is completely dry, take your brush and tease the hair all over.

4. Spray in some hairspray to set the style, and you are all done.

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Updated June 30, 2012



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