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Short Trendy Hairstyles From Plain Hairstyles

Styling Plain Hairstyles

These short trendy hairstyles may appeal to you especially if you are a women on the go. Many are starting to recognize the potential of the short hairstyle.

If you want a modern look that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle, save you a lot of time on maintenance, and is inexpensive to maintain, this article is for you.

There are many short, trendy styles that you can choose from. One of the most famous hairstyles for short hair are the various types of bobs that can be achieved.

With short hair, the basic bob quickly transforms into something more eccentric, something more cutting-edge. By making use of edgy cuts and variations in color, a woman can achieve a quick, trendy hairstyle that is unique to her features and personality.

Whether you are looking to create a sophisticated look or a major funk approach, whether you want your hair to stay one color, or you want to experiment with a large assortment of colors, the basic bob can be turned into the ultimate style.

Remember that old “shag” hairstyle that we saw our mothers wearing in pictures when they were teenagers? Yes, that’s the one – the one we never let our mother live down. Well, it is back, It is more popular than ever now that many different layered cuts are being used to create it.

If you want to remain on top of your game when it comes to style and fashion, the shag is the easy, fun hairstyle that you should play around with a little bit.

You will be thoroughly surprised at the results that you achieve by mixing different hair products like glitter sprays, funky hair dye, and even hair accessories like banana clips and those cute little colorful berets that are also making a comeback.

Let’s say that you just lack the dedication that it takes to play around with the short and fun hairstyles that make use of the old basic bob or your mom’s old shag do…in that case, you would definitely qualify for the ever-popular pixie do.

That look that you flaunted in your high school graduation is re hitting the streets with today’s youth.

As a result, everyone is seeking out these messy, “bed head” hairstyle! The pixie hairstyle goes from blah to fabulous in no time flat if you throw in some curls from hot rollers, and add a few colorful highlights.

This hairstyle always appears to be a bit on the “messy” side, so, if you are going for low-maintenance, this is the hairstyle to sport.

As you can see from the pictures featured in this gallery, there are a number of short trendy hairstyles that you can accomplish with little to know effort at all.

short trendy hairstyle

Style Textured

New Trendy Looks

short trendy hairstyle

Style Casual

Short Choppy Style

Style Choppy

Styled Smooth Short Hair

Style Smooth

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Updated June 30 2012



Pictures Of Short Trendy Hairstyles

Take a plain basic short cut and style it in new trendy styles.

Short Trendy Style
Short Trendy Style
Short Trendy Style
Short Trendy Style
Short Smooth Style Variation
Cute Short Style Variation
All Back Short Style Variation
Short Rough Bob Variation
Basic Short Style
Basic Short Style Change
Side Swept Short Style Variation
Full Front Short Style Variation
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