Short Stylish Hairstyles

Tina Brown’s short stylish hairstyles have many things to offer a mature woman. Tina Brown is a multi talented women over sixty who confidently chooses her short stylish hairstyles with ease. 

Short Stylish Hairstyles

This is an incredibly fashionable look yet still has an artfully messy look that makes it comfortable and casual. What this spells is stylish hairstyles that are brimming over with versatility.

A style like Tina’s can take her or your average everyday mature woman anywhere and everywhere. You are not even limited to always styling this hairdo in the same way. You can easily dry your hair in different directions and or use products to create various looks depending on how you want to wear your hair that day. 

Tina’s look is ideal for almost all hair types as this look contains many layers and body. This means that if your hair is fine like Tina Brown’s, some back combing and a blow dryer can give you fullness.  However, if your hair is already thick, you can reach the final results of this style with even less effort.

Short Stylish Hairstyles Are Easy Styling

  • Wash your hair with products made for your own hair type. 
  • Detangle with a wide tooth comb and evenly work a small amount of mousse through your hair. 
  • Blow dry using a medium sized round brush.
  • Lift throughout the crown and sides while drying to offer your hairdo an abundance of volume.
  • The top front portion of your hair should be dried to the right with your bangs being directed forward.
  • You can also tousle your hair in various directions with your fingertips while you dry to offer up the messy casual touches that this style has.
  • When your hair is dry, coat your fingers lightly with hair wax and pinch and pull your hair from the mid lengths to the ends as you desire to form flicks and definition. 
  • Back comb through the crown and sides to give yourself as much volume as you want. 

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