Easy Short Styling Options

Here are two easy short styling options that can dress up basic short hair fast. If long, lustrous hair is for women who want to look delicate and feminine, short funky hair is for women who love fun and want to be in action all the time.

Girls who sport short hair are all known to be fun-loving and daring- appealing characteristics to guys who want their gals to be as active and as adventurous as they are.

However, although short hair is easier to maintain, it doesn't mean that it is very easy to style short hair too.

In fact, short hair can be more difficult to style fast because you cannot use basic styling techniques like tying the bunch up in a bun, rolling it into a chignon, etc.

This is especially the case for women whose hair is long enough only to cover the ears.

before and after short hair styling

As in the case of the model above center, her short bob looks limp and lacks volume that may not be the look she wants for a special night out.

These short styling options take advantage of the fly-away look and turn your hair into a fashionable do, or straighten your short hair to make it look like the work of a well-known hair stylist.

Both looks take only a few minutes to achieve, so it is very easy and very convenient for on-the-go gals.

straight hair short styling options

flyaway layers short hair styling options

2 Easy Styling Options For Short Hair

The Flyaway Look

Thoroughly wash your hair and use hair conditioner to style it more easily.

Towel-dry the hair until it can easily stand on end.

Use a hairbrush to brush your hair upwards. Do this to add volume to the hair and to encourage flyaway strands to form.

After adding volume to the hair, use the brush to create wispy strands of hair with a flyaway look by rolling the brush outwards near your hair until the ends stand.

Apply hair mousse and gel for a fixed flyaway look. However, if a natural flyaway look is what you want, use a hairbrush and blow-dryer or heating iron to create the flyaway strands

Expect the hair to look like straw at first. To cut down the sharp look, brush the hair gently until the hair looks natural and only a few wisps of straight and flyaway hair are left.

full volume short hair styling option

The Straight & Full Volume Look

The straight & full-volume look is for girls who want to look sophisticated and well-kept, even if they are fun-loving and adventurous.

Wash your hair thoroughly and use hair conditioner to make it softer and easier to style.

Towel-dry the hair until the hair feels cool and no longer damp.

Brush the hair from underneath; to do this, hold a section of your hair away from the scalp and place the brush underneath.

Brush the section upwards and away from you to encourage straight hair with volume. Continue to do this until a full-volume look is acquired.

Apply some hair gel or mousse to the tips of your hair and use a heating iron to straighten out the hair. See all our teen makeovers for more short styling options.

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Short Styling Options
Author: Tanna Mayer
Published: March 25, 2015

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