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Short Spiked Hairstyle

For Women Over Thirty

A short spiked hairstyle for women over thirty is a highly textured, fun cut. This style would suit someone who is looking for a low maintenance style but still wants a modern, trendy look.

A short, spiky hairstyle suits many different face shapes. Don’t worry - spikes can mean added body on the top of the head as the hair "lifts", rather than an all out mohawk!

This style is professional enough for the office and cool enough for a night out.

How to Cut a Short Spiked Style

With this short spiked hairstyle, the hair is cut short and layered, then razor cut on the ends for texture. The bangs are cut to partway down the forehead, to draw attention to the eyes and give a softer, face-framing effect.

Adding a few highlights draw the eye to this hairstyle even more and can complement the style and frame the face further.

The great thing about gentle spikes like these is that the style adds a couple of inches height to the woman's frame in a non-obvious way, so you can get a fun, trendy hairstyle and added height in one step!

Featuring Site Visitor Jodie

short spiked hairstyle women over thirty
Easy Haircut

How to Style Jodie's Short Spiked Hairstyle

This is a very easy haircut to wash and style and is ideal for women who are always on the go or who want to spend minimal time on hairstyling yet have a great, fun style.

You can let this style dry on its own and keep brushing the hair on the top of the head away from the way it naturally grows for a more casual, messy variation of the original style or you can use a couple of hair products to shape the original hairstyle.

The first thing to do is to apply sculpture lotion to the palm of your hand and spread it through the hair. Alternatively you can use mousse or a light hold gel.

Use a hairdryer to smooth the back and sides of the hair down, combing the hair downwards as you do so. With your hairdryer on a low setting, roll your bangs over a small radial bristle brush and dry them with a low heat.

Now it is time to do the spikes on the top of the head. Apply molding cream to the hair on the top of your head but not too much.

Rub it into the roots of the hair while you lift the strands. If you want more body on the sides of your hair, and this does depend on your face shape, rub some molding cream into the ends of the hair on the sides of your head and lift the hairs out and up.

The more cream you use, the more your hair will sit away from your face. Blow dry the hair as you create the spikes.

When you have finished drying your hair, creating the spikes on top and creating some volume on the sides, you need to spray a little lacquer an arm's distance from your head over the whole style and it should hold perfectly all day.

If you get your hair wet or the spikes start to flag, you can carry some lacquer or hairspray with you and give it a quick spray, using a wide tooth comb to comb your hair in the opposite direction to which it grows, to encourage the spikes to stand up more.

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