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Mens Short Spiked Hair Cuts ~ Joey Fatone Style

Mens Spiked Crops

Short spiked hair is a popular choice for many celebrities. As part of one of the most popular boy bands of all time, Joey Fatone is very used of being in the public eye and having his look copied.

Men’s spiked crop haircuts are easy to care for, look great in virtually any situation and are adaptable for practically all hair types and textures.

Another grand appeal for a men’s spiked crop haircut is that they are also ideal for men with thinning hair that want a style they can wear that is not typical of the boring cuts they have been offered in the past.

A large number of men’s spiked crop haircuts actually originate from the Caesar cut.

A Caesar is a cut that incorporates a horizontal fringe clipped in at about one or two inches an abundance of layers provide the necessary shape and texture for this style. With this cut, the bangs are generally brushed forward.

However, when it comes to men’s spiked crop haircuts, the Caesar would generally be left longer so that the spikes could be formulated.

Another cut which is the French Crop is also often the starting point for men’s spiked crop haircuts.

With the French Crop, the hairstyle has a line that is defined around the head. A French Crop is a lot like a Caesar it just contains more length.

One important thing to remember when you want a cut such as a men’s spiked crop like Joey Fatone’s, is to take a detailed picture in so that your stylist has something to work from.

This will make certain that you receive the hairstyle that you want. Men’s spiked crop hairstyles are actually rather ageless and are not just for the younger crowd like those in Joey Fatone’s age group.

Even if you feel clumsy when it comes to styling your hair, you will find that with only a few hair products and a little bit of practice, you can care for your men’s spiked crop haircut easily at home.

Joey Fatone Style

mens short spiked hair cuts

Styling Steps - Mens Short Spiked Hair

  • Wash your hair with products created for your hair type
  • Towel dry lightly ensuring your hair is still damp
  • Apply a medium hold styling gel throughout your hair and use your fingers to brush the hair back and away from your face
  • With your finger tips, create twists in small sections of your hair to formulate the spikes
  • Allow your hair to dry naturally
Mens Short Spiked Haircuts

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