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Short Prom Hairstyles

Short Hair All Dressed Up

Do you need ideas for short prom hairstyles? Many young ladies who will be attending their prom have short hair.

If you have short hair, and are trying to decide on a style, you may feel very limited in your selection.

However, there are actually numerous styles that you can choose from! The secret in adjusting the style of a short style is to change the overall texture of the hair that you are working with.

Implementing the use of funky hair dye, hair accessories, and similar items can really set off a short hairstyle! Here, you will learn how to master a few of the hottest looks when it comes to short hairstyles!

Volumes of Waves

Want a short prom hairstyle that adds volume? This look is quite possible. Simply follow the instructions listed below:

1. You will want to apply a conditioning mousse and then sculpting gel all over the head.
2. Once you have done this, implement the use of a diffuser that will actually "flip" the hair.
3. Once achieved, apply wax that is designed for the hair at the ends of the hair. Then, you should apply a hairspray in order to maintain the look of this short prom hairstyle all night long!

Classic Side Wave

In the fifties and sixties, a popular style emerged. It was classic hairstyle that consisted of waves, parted to one side and worn short. Today, this style is coming back!

Trends have been set by numerous teenage entertainers with this look. This particular hairstyle brings out the youth in an individual, which is sparked with a sense of elegance and maturity.

You can achieve this style by performing the following steps:

1. First, you will want to thoroughly wash and condition the hair. 2. Next, you should apply mousse to the hair, and blow dry it.
3. Once this has been accomplished, you should then part the hair to the right side.
4. Once parted, apply hot rollers to the hair and spritz with a smoothing shine conditioner.
5. Once the time is up, remove the hot rollers and apply hairspray.

The Tall and Funky

Looking for a tall and funky look? If so, it can be achieved with short hair! This particular short prom hairstyle works best on hair that is thick and has some volume to it.

1. The first thing you will want to do is use a hair dryer to blow the bangs up in an upward style. Then, apply hot rollers to the bangs.
2. You should then take sculpting gel and apply it on the hair that is set in the hot rollers.
3. Once the time has passed on the hot rollers, you should then remove them and slightly tease the hair. As you tease it, it is important to make sure that the bangs stay up and tilt to the back just a tad.
4. You should then apply hairspray, and this style is ready to go!

Style Choices

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Updated June 29 2012