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Short Pixie Cuts

For Older Women

Halle Berry wears funky short pixie cuts that shows you can have a fantastic time with your hair no matter the length of your locks, or the age that you are.

For a hairdo that is clipped so short, there is actually a large amount of versatility in short pixie cuts.

Halle's funky short pixie in graced with layers that have been texturized so that she is offered ease of styling with the funky, fabulous finish she is looking for.

It goes almost without saying that mature women looking for a style that is short, yet funky, can have everything they want by using the same hairstyle as Halle Berry.

Also, Halle Berry's short hairstyle takes only minutes to style, let other women stand in front of the mirror for hours fussing with their hairdo, you will be well on your way long before everyone else with this look.

Featuring Halle Berry

Short Pixie Cuts
Halle Berry Funky Short Pixie Cut

style steps pixie haircut for older women

Wash your hair with products perfect for your hair type

Use your fingers to apply a very small amount of sculpture lotion throughout damp hair

Bend forward at the waist, allowing your head to hang down and blow-dry.

Use your hand and fingers to tousle your hair while drying to ensure a funky, messy look Start at your mid-length and work down while pinching with fingers that have a dab of styling wax on them.

The more wax you use and pinching you do, the more texture your hairstyle will have

Repeat this process at the back of your head, making your hair as tousled as you desire.

To finish off, work around your head with the wax on your fingers, pinching ends here and there for texture and tousle

A slight spritz of strong hold hairspray is all that is necessary to keep your funky short hairstyle in place

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Style Variations

Short Layered Pixie

Halle styled her pixie with a slightly fohawk crown
2012 Jenesse Silver Rose Awards

Halle Berry Large Hoop Earrings

Large hoop earrings work so well with a pixie
39th Annual FiFi Awards

Short Pixie With Multi Highlights

Halle's pixie is slightly longer and fuller in 2012
2012 Jenesse Silver Rose Awards

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