Short Layered Shag

Jane Fonda's short layered shag is an undeniably chic hairstyle for women over 60. Actually, this is a terrific style that looks just as fashionable on women of all ages. The style has a jagged cut with the crown and sides layered on an angle with plenty of razoring throughout.

The bangs are full of flirty wisps that are casually pushed to the side. An advantage of a left part like Jane Fonda's is that it can offer the appearance of width to a face shape that is long and narrow like hers is. 

short shag hairstyle

Style This Short Layered Shag

Wash your hair with the proper products for your hair type.

  • Disperse a dime size amount of styling moisturizer throughout your hair to protect it from damage caused by drying. Avoid applying to your roots as this can weigh them down.
  • Distribute a golf ball sized dollop of mousse evenly through your damp locks. Detangle and arrange your hair with a wide tooth comb.
  • Use the edge of your comb, working from the middle of your left eye and dragging it backward to create a left part. Work in small sections while drying for ease of styling. Use a small round brush and or your fingers while you dry your hair.
  • Flick out the sides and the back by running the brush or your hands through your hair and pulling it outward.
  • When it comes to your roots, scrunch and lift for height, pull sections of your hair first to the left and then to the right.
  • For your bangs, bring them forward and then pull gently towards the right.
  • Once your hair is completely dry, take your fingers that have been coated lightly with styling wax and pull your hair at the back of your head out and up. 
  • Always work from the mid length down as you want to avoid wax on your roots. Work around your head creating flicks as desired.

You can pinch the ends as desired for texture and tousle. Your bangs can also benefit from wax, just pull them softly to the right. Use a light hand to mist your hair with hairspray for hold.

Style Variations

Jane Fonda's Shag Hairstyle Over The Years

Jane Fonda Shag 20032003
Jane Fonda Shag 20062006
Jane Fonda Shag 20082008

Very Short Crop Style

Short Stylish Hairstyles

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