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Short Haircuts For Teen Girls

teens-fine-hair-makeover-beforeMany teenage girls have fine, chin length hair that can prove to be quite difficult when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle. Thin hair is really complicated when it comes to holding most of today’s styles.

However, the chin length bob hairstyle is an excellent choice when it comes to hair that is thin and fragile.

While there are a number of short haircuts for teen girls, the chin length bob is one of the most successful and cutting-edge styles today. Here, you will receive some basic information on how to achieve this particular style.

When working with short haircuts for teen girls, particularly the chin length bob, it is important to know and understand the facial features that are accented by this style.

This style brings out the appearance of the lips as well as the eyes. It is best to select a lipstick that is at least one shade darker than that of your hair.

However, you can go up to three shades darker safely if you like. In addition to this, it is important to select a light colored eye shadow.

Those that have sparkles and glimmer effects are often the most common choice among teens who wear the chin length bob hairstyle. You should also highlight the upper eyelids with black mascara.

The following steps highlight the methods that must be used to accomplish the chin length bob hairstyle:

teens-fine-hair-makeover-afterstyle steps The hair should be cut in an asymmetrical bob. This means that the back of the hair should be cut shorter than that of the sides and the front of the hair. The rest of the hair should come down at a slope with the sides at the front of the hair being the longest point.

style steps Next, the hair should be parted, but in an uneven manner. The bangs should part to the right hand side, and then the center should part in the same direction, only higher on the head. The back should be parted to the right as well, but even with the part on the bangs. When completed, there should be the appearance of a “V” like shape on the top of the head.

style steps The sides should be flipped under by using a brush and a hair dryer. The sides and the top of the hair should be sprayed with a leave in conditioner and a hairspray. This will help to hold the side in place.

style steps Volume should be added to the underside of the bangs. This can be done by blowing the hair under the bangs and using a sculpting gel on this underside.

style steps The back of the hair should be blown forward to allow the look and feel of the sides cascading along the face.

This styling procedure really sets off the sides of the hair.

If you are in the market for an interesting new appearance for hair that is thin and fragile, the chin length bob is an excellent short haircut for teen girls.

This style brings out many unique qualities in an individual. These qualities include the general facial shape, the facial features, as well as the maturity of the aging teenage girl.

It can be worn in a relaxed and fun manner or a sophisticated and mature manner. Either theme works exceptionally well with this particular hairstyle.


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