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Short Hair Updos

Styling An Updo For Short Hair

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Formal occasions are a great excuse for us to play with our hair. If you have something special coming up and want to try something new, glamorous and exciting, how about an updo.

Having a short hairstyle does not need to limit your styling options for these events in the least. No longer just for lengthy tresses, an updo will leave you looking classy, elegant and ready to steal the show!

Short Updos

There are few days more exciting in a woman’s life than her wedding day. Ever since you were a small girl you have planned and envisioned yourself looking like a princess.

If you have always imagined your locks twisted up into a stylish updo to accompany your dream gown, your short haircut has no cause to hold you back. Your wedding day is meant to be magical, however as we all know, magic is just an illusion. You can create your very own magic with an illusion of an updo for short hair.

Take sections of hair; pull to the back and sides of head

Fasten with small elastics.

Curl or twist hair in each pony and pin.

Interlock the ponytails by combining hair from each as you work your way down.

Once your veil is in place, you will have a classy updo for your short hair. If your hair is long enough to roll, and you have a formal event in your future, a short updo will make you the envy of every woman in the room. Smooth a dab of gel through your damp hair


Set your hair on hot rollers or curl it all over with a curling iron.

Divide the curls carefully with your fingers. Divide your hair - front to back - at ear level.

Pulling just the top back into a ponytail. Use a small covered elastic band, or for shorter hair, secure it with bobby pins, high up on the crown

Spray with hairspray

Clip the ends of the ponytail up out of the way If your hair is too short for the curls, back-comb it for fullness and smooth it back, rolling the ends under to cover the top of the twist

Comb the bottom of your hair toward the center back.

Backcomb your hair and lightly smooth it.

Brush it into a French twist and pin it with bobby pins or twist and use a small hair clamp to hold it in place.

Mist with hairspray for hold

Spray lightly with spray shine if desired.


Synthetic hairpieces placed strategically throughout your own hair can help you create a classy updo as well. These pieces can add volume, depth and create additional styling options.

These days, they are so well made; that nobody will know it’s not your own hair! A short updo will make you look classy, elegant, sophisticated and chic at any formal occasion.

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