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Short Asian Hairstyles

These short Asian hairstyles are short In length and chic In style.

Your Perfect Short Style

Many Asian women face the complication of finding that perfect hairstyle.

They want a hairstyle that can help make them appear taller, and bring out their unique facial shapes and features.

The eyes, jaws, and the mouth are very important facial features when it comes to the Asian woman.

Being Asian with short hair may seem like a complete curse for many individuals, however, there are many different types of popular hairstyles that can be created based on the short cuts that many women of this ethnicity can achieve.

Here, we will focus on a short Asian hairstyle gallery creation that many women are starting to sport due to its popularity.

You will discover the techniques required to accomplish this look, as well as some simple makeup tips that can make it a huge success!

In order to create that perfect short Asian hairstyle gallery do, it is important to first consider the cut. The cut that is required for this style is basically similar to the Asian Bob.

However, instead of the bangs going down into an asymmetrical longer style, only the sides do. The bangs are actually required to be about nose length.

The back of the hair should be kept shorter than the rest of the hair – apart from the bangs. If you follow the steps that are listed to the right, you will find that you can easily create this beautiful style.

Short Layered Asian Hairstyle

Style Steps

style stepsFirst, you will want to select a color for your short Asian hairstyle.

You may elect to stay with the simple black and brown that is common among the Asian group, or you may elect to brighten the hair up a bit.

Sassy copper and burnt tones – such as reds and burgundy's – are an exception to this style. They tend to look wonderful with this short Asian style.

If you are looking to turn heads and make moves with this sassy, chic hairstyle, applying a hair dye or highlights to the hair may be the first step that you need to take to achieve this look.

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Updated May 2, 2012

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