Shaving Tips For Men

shaving tips for men

Manscaping: The Art of the Body Shave

Luckily for our day and age (and thanks to readily available shaving tips for men) many men are ditching the hairy wildebeest look and opting for something much cleaner and tamed. Perhaps it's because of the nicknames yelled in high school locker rooms, or the double takes of passersby. Whatever the reasons may be, it is safe for everyone to assume that a hair free look is much more attractive.

Manscaping is the fine art of grooming the hair on one's entire body- from those furry shoulders all the way down to the groin. While the question of to shave or not to shave (and where) is still a very personal decision, it's something men are finally willing to talk about. There's no need to cringe; with the right techniques, you'll feel clean and sexy and will not have lopped off any anatomical essentials.

Shaving Tips for Men- Anywhere

It's important to keep in mind that shaving other areas of your body are not necessarily the same as the regular shaving that you do on your face. The last thing you want is a nick or ingrown hair in a very uncomfortable place, so be sure to take your time and do it right. Your manscaping efforts are best suited for during or after a shower.

The water and steam helps to soften the hair which makes it easier to remove and is also better for your skin. It's also a good idea to trim excessively long hair with scissors before shaving. Then be sure to only use razors which adjust to your body shape, and rinse it clean often.

Shaving Tips for Men-Armpits

The first rule of shaving anywhere is to not apply weight with the razor- this is especially important when it comes to the armpits. Let the razor slide across the skin and you're more likely to avoid ingrown hairs. It's also a good idea to avoid deodorants with an alcohol base since the can irritate the skin.

Shaving Tips for Men-Chest

In this particular area it's important to remember that there is no one right direction to shave in. You'll have to follow the direction of your hair no matter how strange it may seem- and never shave against hair growth. Also take caution around the nipples- losing one would only get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Shaving Tips for Men-Groin

If there is any area in which you absolutely do not want to rush, this would be it. Always trim the hair first and then shave. Pull the skin very tight and use short strokes. While you are in no real danger of giving yourself an unwanted surgery, it's still a good idea to be very meticulous. Also remember to apply a moisturizer to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs; neither will do much for your social life.

Shaving Tips for Men-Back

While this is definitely not something you should attempt solo, you also don't want to waltz over to your neighbor's house and ask them to assist. "Can I borrow a cup of sugar? And, oh, would you mind shaving my back?"

Having a sexy, hair free body will do you no good if everyone thinks you're a quack. When you do get someone to take on the task, just have them follow the advice given above so far. With these simple shaving tips for men, you'll be turning heads in no time.

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