Shaving Benefits For Men

shaving benefits

How Shaving Sharpens Your Life and Style

The delicate art of shaving ones face was something even cavemen knew they simply had to do, even though the shaving benefits for men were likely unbeknownst to them (and probably are to you too).

Did you know that shaving has a significant impact on your social life, can help the overall health of your skin, keep you looking younger, and even make you more attractive? We're not making this up- it's all scientifically proven!

Shaving Benefits at Work

While you may call it stereotyping, researchers at Stockholm University actually found that your facial hair (or the lack thereof) affects the assumptions that people make about the job you are suitable for. The results?

Men with no facial hair were who people found to be suited for white collar jobs such as lawyers, executives, CEO's and the like. Those with facial hair were thought to look more like scientists, technicians, and more hands-on jobs.

Shaving Benefits and Age

What most men do not realize as one of the greatest shaving benefits for men (and what makes women consider shaving their faces), is that every time you shave you are getting an excellent exfoliation treatment. Your razor takes off layers of dead skin along with the hair, which keeps your skin younger looking for longer.

The act of shaving itself is not the only thing that keeps your skin looking younger. With all that hair in the way, your skin cannot properly absorb moisturizers and this can actually cause wrinkles to make a much earlier debut.

Shaving Benefits and Hiding

For some reason, people have a way of strangely interpreting things. We believe that people wearing sunglasses do not want us to see into their eyes. We think that people wearing layers of clothing must feel insecure; and likewise, people interpret those with facial hair as having something to hide.

It's often automatically assumed that you must not like your face. Ironically enough, many men believe that they are protecting their skin by hiding it under a beard. You actually need that Vitamin D though and a simple layer of sunscreen is all the protection you need while still getting the full shaving benefits for men.

Shaving Benefits and Love

Guys, if you are looking for that special someone, there are 2 scientific studies that prove you may need to buy a razor before you begin looking at diamonds. Synovate, a market intelligence company, did a study that found that 74% of women prefer their men stubble-free. Even when you narrow it down by country, the lowest number of women anywhere who preferred clean shaven men was 70%.

Barry and Louisville Universities conducted the second study that involved the opinions of both men and women. They were given photos of men and asked to rank them; beard-ridden men were seen as less attractive and less agreeable. Strangely enough, men with beards were also thought to be older than they were, but were considered less mature. It seems society has its very own aspect on the shaving benefits for men.

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