Sharon Stones Hair Still Setting Trends For Short Hair

sharon stones short choppy messy hairstyleNothing seems to effect the appeal Sharon Stone and her hairstyles have on the public. There is a saying in Hollywood that proclaims that you are only as hot as your last movie- as with everything, Sharon seems to defy this rule wonderfully.












It does not matter how many years it has been since Sharon has been number one at the box office, when she sports a new hairstyle, it is suddenly the trendy new look to have.

Sharon Stones hair, a short, choppy hairstyle is a perfect example. Once Sharon appeared wearing this messy, cropped cut, women worldwide quickly followed suit and were having their locks shorn to shorter levels.

Even though this hairstyle can be referred to as short and choppy, it still retains a sophisticated side that makes it ideal for any situation in your life. You can show up at the office and head straight to a formal event after work with no problem in the least.

Sharon Stones hair, a short, choppy haircut has edgy ends through the back as well as the sides. The top however was left a touch longer. Combined, you have a choppy effect that is positively messy glamour at its finest.

If your locks are a medium texture like Sharon’s are, you will be able to wear this short, choppy hairstyle with no problem at all. Women with fine hair should also be able to have their tresses clipped to emulate Sharon easily. One of the best parts about Sharon Stone’s short, choppy hairstyle is that it is basically maintenance free!

A few minutes and a couple of hair products are all that is required to look unbelievably gorgeous. Sharon Stone falls into the group of women bordering on what would be considered a mature age - although you would never guess that with her stunning style. However, young and old alike will be able to wear a short, choppy hairstyle like Sharon’s.


Styling Steps - Sharon Stone's Short Choppy Haircut

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products made for your specific hair type. Be sure to only use a small amount when your locks are clipped this short as too much product can leave you with a build-up of residue.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingers to work a small handful of mousse evenly through your hair.
Style Hair Steps Using the tail end of your comb, start at the middle of your left eye and work backward to create a part that is to the left. You will find that a good side part is an exceptional way implying more width to your face than is actually there.
Style Hair Steps Use a small round brush while drying the back of your hair under. The sides of your hair will also need to be dried under.
Style Hair Steps Rub a generous amount of gel in your hands and work it through the back of your hair in a circle motion to create controlled mess. The sides of your hair can have the exact same treatment.
Style Hair Steps When it comes to your crown, use the gel to lift your roots for height and volume.
Style Hair Steps Once you are satisfied with the look of your locks, mist lightly with hairspray for additional hold.



Sharon Stone's Short Choppy Hairstyle

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