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Sharon Stone is wearing the perfect example of a posh, sophisticated, modern updo. Updo’s as one can plainly see from Sharon Stone’s hairstyle, do not always need to be composed of slicked back hair in a less than innovative manner.

sharon stone

Instead, you can look wonderful and wear an updo that is stylish but that still has a certain amount of flair. Sharon Stone is blessed with what is thought to be the perfect face shape, the oval. Woman with oval face shapes can practically wear any hairstyle that they like with ease.

However, with alterations made to suit your own face shape, you can wear a modern, chic updo like this one as well. For example, if your face is round, and you wish to make it appear more slim, you could wear the same updo as Sharon Stone with a few tendrils loose around your face to create a thinning frame.

When it comes to creating a modern, updo like Sharon’s, hair texture does come into play, but basically, as long as you have enough length to put your locks back, you should have virtually no problems as long as you work with the necessary styling products.


sharon stone featured hairstyleStyling Steps Sharon Stone Short Updo

Updo’s are best created on hair that is not freshly washed, and should be at least ‘a day old’ if possible

With the tips of your fingers distribute a small amount of styling pomade throughout your hair

Back comb your hair slightly at the crown and on the sides to help create volume

Working in medium sections on either side and in the front, twist your hair starting as close to your face as possible and working back, secure with bobby pins to create the modern twisted look that Sharon’s has

Gather your remaining hair into a ponytail midway between the nape of your neck and the top of your head and twist, secure with pins and or decorative clips

A generous spritz of hairspray will keep your style in place for as long as necessary.

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Sharon Stone Hairstyle Pictures


Sharon Stone
  • Sharon-stone-short-hairstyle-1
    Short Crop
  • Sharon-stone-short-hairstyle-2
    Casual And Short
  • Sharon-stone-short-hairstyle-3
    Short And Textured
  • Sharon-stone-short-hairstyle-4
    Short Pixie Hairstyle
  • Sharon-stone-short-hairstyle-5
    Marilyn Monroe Style

  • Sharon-stone-hairstyle-1
    Short And Layered
  • Sharon-stone-hairstyle-2
    Short And Sexy Layers
  • Sharon-stone-hairstyle-3
    Medium And Toussled Curls
  • Sharon-stone-hairstyle-4
    Formal Updo
  • Sharon-stone-hairstyle-5
    Updo Style

  • Sharon-stone-long-hairstyle-1
    Long And Straight
  • Sharon-stone-long-hairstyle-2
    Long And Straight
  • Sharon-stone-long-hairstyle-3
    Long With Loose Waves
  • Sharon-stone-long-hairstyle-4
    All Back Beach Look
  • Sharon-stone-long-hairstyle-5
    Long And Smooth
  • Sharon-stone-long-hairstyle-6
    Long Style

  • Sharon-stones-hairstyle-1
  • Sharon-stones-hairstyle-2
  • Sharon-stones-hairstyle-3
  • Sharon-stones-hairstyle-4
  • Sharon-stones-hairstyle-5



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Sharon Stone Short Pixie

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