Shampoo Tips

Women often ask their hairstylist for shampoo tips to help them recreate the soft and natural feel of their hair after it's been washed in a salon.

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How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way

Most women believe that there is something about the shampoo used in a salon that leaves their hair feeling very different to the way it does when they shampoo it at home.

Hairstylists however, will say it's not the shampoo that makes the difference but the technique used to wash the hair that results in that soft and silky feel and controlled look that a stylist can achieve.

Techniques for Better Shampooing

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and learning the correct way to use it are important and basic steps in looking after your hair. Women spend a lot of money on other products to control frizz or to color their hair, but learning how to wash and care for wet hair is often more important in a beauty regime than the products used to dress the hair later.

Hair does not need to be washed daily, although some hair types may require more regular washing than others. If you have oily hair, consider using other products like lemon juice to neutralize the hairs natural oils. Over washing may stimulate the scalp to produce more oil. Limiting washing may contribute to less oily hair in the future.

Select natural shampoos where possible and not shampoos that are full of chemicals that will damage your hair. Many shampoos are harsh on the hair, so your choice of shampoo should one that offers gentle yet effective cleaning. Depending on your hair type you can select a shampoo that is formulated to produce the best results for that hair type.

If you have limp hair, choose a volumizing shampoo. If you have curly hair, use one that is intended to reduce the development of frizzy hair. If you have dry hair, choose a shampoo that will moisturize it whilst you wash with the shampoo.

When you apply the shampoo only apply a small amount and massage it deep into your scalp. Shampoo is intended to clean the scalp of dried sebum and to clean the hair follicles whilst removing debris and dead hair. If this deep cleansing doesn't take place, the hair can still appear limp and not shiny even after it has been cleaned.

Always condition your hair after shampooing and if necessary with hair types like curly hair which should only be shampooed once or twice a week apply conditioner between washes to moisturize and condition your hair. Shampoos are applied to the roots but conditioner should be applied to the end of hair strands and then combed towards the scalp.

Styling and Caring for Wet Hair

Hair should be dried by patting it with a dry towel to absorb extra moisture and then allowing it to air dry naturally. Only use heat on your hair when it's necessary for a special look as drying it with a blow dryer or other heat source on a regular basis will dry it out and damage it further. Applying these shampoo tips to your beauty regime will ensure you find hair salon results even when at home.

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Updated September 8, 2011

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