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shakira long curly hairstyleShakira sets the room on fire, Shakira hairstyles are funky, wild locks. This long and funky hairstyle suits Shakira’s hip shaking personality to a tee. Carefree and artfully tousled, this curly, funky hairstyle is not just fabulous; it is a lot of fun too.












If you have naturally curly locks, do not let anyone fool you into believing you have hard to style hair. While it is true that there may be certain hairstyles that are not as easy for your naturally curly tresses to be tamed into, typically as long as you have a great cut and wonderful styling products you can create almost any hairstyle that you wish for.

Although you have every right to work with your naturally curly locks and to create virtually any style that you want, the one thing that you should try to do when you have curly tresses, is to embrace your kinky waves Shakira’s flowing curls go to show that you can feel free to let your natural curl shine on through and look top notch. Curls are glorious and you do not have to hide them.

Just think, many women spend hours curling their hair to have the same style that Shakira does. If you have been blessed with naturally curly hair and opt to grow your locks long, it is essential to keep your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Also, you will want to use products on your hair that is designed for curls.

shakira back view long curly hairNaturally curly hair can tend to be rather dry, so products created to lock in moisture are always a good idea. A frizz removing product is a must have for your hair care regimen.

Just look at Shakira’s long curly hairstyle. It appears soft and moisturized without being frizzy and dry.

Women like Shakira who have masses of natural curls that they wear long can feel overwhelmed by what should be they’re crowning glory. Some ladies find that their curls are weighed down and heavy while others suffer from frizz.

Thankfully, there are many tips to having lovely looking curls like Shakira. To start with, as mentioned, visit your salon for regular trims. Also, like Shakira has done, ask your stylist to provide your cut with some long, texturized layers throughout.

This will lighten the load of your hair and allow for movement and definition to your locks. Shakira also made a wise choice and had highlights in a warm shade infused into her tresses.

Highlights will take your long, wild curls to a whole new dimension! The Grammy’s never looked as good as they did when Shakira graced the red carpet in her formal gown and funky hairstyle.



Styling Steps - Shakira's Funky Curly Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps After washing apply a large dollop of mousse to towel dried hair with your fingers. Instead of or as well as, a generous amount of sculpting lotion can also be worked through your locks.
Style Hair Steps With the tail end of your comb, start in the middle of your head at the front and pull back until you have made an even, center part.
Style Hair Steps Scrunch your tresses while blow-drying. Alternate between standing upright and bending from the waist while allowing your hair to hang down. Use the dryer set to low and stop before your locks are fully dry.
Style Hair Steps Arrange your hair with your fingers and mist with spray gel or hairspray for hold.

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