Shaggy Bob Hair, The Bed Head Bob

The shaggy bob hair, or “bed head bobs”, is a popular hairstyle that many thoroughly enjoy wearing. Women like it because it appears fun and relaxed, and others enjoy it because of the fact that it is sassy and chic.

Many celebrities have sported this look in their time. Individuals such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Alyssa Milano, and other notable stars have geared this style in the past.

thick shaggy bob hair

If you want to give this ever-popular trend a try just follow the detailed instructions on how to achieve this look. The first thing that you will want to do when creating the shaggy bob hairstyle is to ensure that you have the hair cut in an asymmetrical fashion.

This means that you should cut the back of the bob short, and leave the front of the hair relatively long. The sides of the hair should be cut down into an angle in order to optimize the appearance of this particular hairstyle.

Sarah Jessica Parker In A Bob

sarah jessica parker shaggy bob hairstyle

sarah jessica parker bedhead bob


Once the cut has been achieved for this particular hairstyle, you will want to shampoo and condition your hair. This will permit the styling products to hold to the hair appropriately, and will also keep your hair smooth and soft once it is styled as you desire.

The next thing that you should do is part the hair in the middle, right at the front. If you elect to do so, you may part the hair on one side. It is based on your preference. The part of your hair will depend on the facial features that you are attempting to highlight. If you want to bring attention to the center of your face, you may use a middle part. If you want to focus on the eyes and the shape of the face, you may want to part the hair on the side.

Once you have parted the hair in the fashion that you are most comfortable with, it is important to spray a liquid mousse in the hair, like the product “Fantasia”. Not only will this help hold the hair in place, but it will also help to moisturizer the hair as it has added enhancers and conditioners included in it.

Now dry your hair with hard bristle hair brush and a hair dryer. Your hair should be dried using the brush and the dryer. You should be certain that you use the blow dryer on the under side of the hair in order to maximize the body of the hair.

Once your hair is completely dry, you may choose to take a few hot rollers and insert them in various locations on the hair. Once they have been in for a few minutes, take them out.

Once the hot rollers have been removed, it is time to tease up the hair a little bit. It is best if you perform this step using a soft bristly brush or a radial brush. It is important to ensure that you tease it enough to give it the whole “bed head” appearance, but not enough to make it messy. You still want to maintain some form of organization when working with the hair during teasing. Next, you will simply apply some hairspray, and you have great shaggy bob hair!

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soft romantic shaggy bob

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bed head shaggy bob

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Updated: February 16, 2015

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