Shag Hair Style

Simple steps to bring in the latest and greatest shag hair style to medium and long hair.

Shags For Medium And Long Hair

Many women with medium to medium long hair are in the market for new, fun hairstyles that can exhibit their unique personality and style flair.

The "Shag" style is now back and considered to be hitting hot and heavy when it comes to the latest and greatest hair trends! This "messy" style represents the most organized method of styling hair without the appearance of doing so.

Here, you will learn the simple steps behind creating a fabulous hairstyle that is sure to compliment your style and unique facial features.

When creating this shag hair style on medium to medium long hair, it is first important to know and understand that this style is not one in which you are going to focus on being "trim and neat".

modern long shag hair style

As previously mentioned, this is a sort of organized "messy" style that helps to bring out certain features in the face. The hair acts as sort of a "backdrop" for facial structure and features.

If you look at the picture contained here, you see that this female has an extremely wide and long forehead that she covers with her bangs.

Then, she highlights the middle area of the face by "shagging" the hair in the background. This is what this shag hair style style is all about.

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Updated April 23, 2012

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