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Sexy Leprechaun Costumes And Outfits For Men And Women

leprechaun costume hat femaleThere is no reason at all to wait for Halloween to wear a sexy Leprechaun costume. Although you can of course sport this look on the scariest night of the year - if you dare!

Whatever the occasion many happen to be, if you want an excuse to look seductive and appealing, a sexy Leprechaun costume is sure to get you the attention that you crave.

Available in two similar yet creatively different looks, the hardest choice will be deciding which sexy Leprechaun costume you want to own.

Either style makes for a great costume you can wear for a st patrick's day costume or if you need an Irish costume for a theme party.

womens sexy-charmed-leprechaun-costume  The first costume is an eye catching delight that features four stunning elements.

This sexy Leprechaun costume comes with an underwire bra, flirty green shrug, pleated skirt and wide black belt.

If that isn’t bold enough for you all on its own, you can also opt to buy the matching hat to complete this seductive ensemble.

womens-clover-leprechaun-costumeCostume two, is just as sensuous as the first costume and will leave your mate feeling like a lucky Irish Leprechaun indeed!

This costume is two features two fabulous parts that consists of a two piece leprechaun fancy dress with underwire for lift and a fabulous bow and shrug.

As with the first sexy Leprechaun costume, you can choose whether or not you want to purchase the matching leprechaun hat to finish off your look. More Irish and Leprechaun hats are available in the costume gallery below.

Not to mention that for a few more dollars, you can add a Shamrock crop to your costume for a sizzling finale.

Due to the small size of the costume hat, you have a few different options as to how to wear your hair when sporting a sexy Leprechaun costume.

Your locks can be left down or back in a low sultry ponytail or loose, messy bun. You will want to avoid a high updo as is you may find it hard to fit the hat and your hair on top of your head.

sexy lucky charm leprechaun costumeIf you choose to wear your sexy Leprechaun costume without a hat, you again can opt to wear your locks loose or back. Flowing tresses will accentuate these costumes beautifully.
If you were not born with a head of gorgeous Irish red hair, steal some for your costume from the red wigs in the costume gallery.

However, a casual updo will also go a long way to draw attention towards both the features of your face and the elements of these sexy costumes.

As for your cosmetics, take your personal taste preferences into consideration. You can choose to go bold with your make-up or to remain subtle allowing the attention to be focused instead on what you are wearing.

Regardless of how heavy your hand is when applying your make-up; match your cosmetic colors both to what looks good on you as well as with shades that flatter the hue of your Leprechaun costume.

No matter what your size, you will be able to own a sexy Leprechaun costume all of your own. They are conveniently available for purchase in a range of sizes suitable for women of all shapes.

Play with your hair, experiment with your cosmetics and have hours of fun wearing a sexy Leprechaun costume!


Sexy Leprechaun Outfits

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