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Sex Kitten Do

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Try a new sex kitten do inspired by Briiigitte Bardot.

Some hairstyles are totally timeless, like the classic Louise Brooks bob and Veronica Lake’s sultry waves, and somewhere amongst the ranks of those fabulous ladies falls the super sexy “bed head” of Brigitte Bardot.

This French sex kitten’s teased, tousled locks are often appropriated by modern day starlets like Beyonce and Jessica Simpson, who know there is nothing hotter than that deliberately undone ‘do that’s just begging to be touched.

This is a look that’s best saved for gals with hair that’s shoulder length or longer, and preferably locks that have been at least slightly layered.

This sex kitten do also looks smokin’ hot with bangs, or chin-length layers around the face.

How To Style It

Start with towel-dried hair, and work through some volumizing mousse, starting at the back of your head to ensure even application.

Flip your head over and roughly blow dry your tresses before setting hair on large hot rollers to give the proper amount of bedroom bend.

When placing rollers, be sure to roll the front of the bangs back away from your face, and roll the rest of your hair downward.

Once the rollers have cooled, remove and lightly brush through your hair with a natural-bristled brush to loosen your curls.

Now separate your front piece or bangs from the rest of your hair, and section off a circle of hair at the crown of you head.

A Sexy 60's Style

Then it’s time to make with the teasing. A rattail comb and a bit of hairspray are your best weapons.

Grab a wide but thin horizontal piece of hair closest to the face, and run your comb from the middle of the hair shaft back down towards the scalp, and then repeat a few times until you’ve reached your desired height.

Do the same with additional sections of hair until most of the crown is sitting nice and tall – and if hair has a tendency to go limp, try sprinkling a bit of a texturizing powder – like Powder Play from Big Sexy Hair - at the base of each section and agitate with your fingertips to pump up the volume.

Use that natural bristled brush to smooth back the top layer of hair over your newly found bouffant, and sculpt your hair until you reach the desired height and shape, then pull a small section back from each side of the front of hair, just behind the bangs.

Give each side of the hair a bit of a twist inward, then pin into place.

Finish It Off

Finish your sex kitten do by applying a teeny bit of shine serum like Enjoy Shine and Smooth to your fingers and lightly running them through your loose and sexy curls to give an extra hit of definition and gloss.

Top the whole look off with a few sprays of light hold hairspray to ensure that you’re not the only one with your fingers tangled up in your tresses.

Enjoy, A New Sex Kitten Do

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Sex Kitten Do
Published January 21, 2013
Author Tanna Mayer

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