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Sex And The City Hairstyles

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The hairstyles worn by the women from the hit show turned Box Office movie sensation Sex and the City garner as much attention as the current plot line.

Whether you love them or hate them, relate to them or can’t understand a thing that is going on in their lives, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are watched closely and revered as fashion and hairstyle icons.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw has for the most part stayed true to her signature long, curly hairstyle throughout the shows long run. Save of course for when we briefly saw her sporting a shorter, Bob of her usual hairstyle.

Sarah Jessica Parker is noticed for her naturally curly locks and her long, flowing hairstyle showcases her wavy ringlets to perfection. As Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah’s hair has been snipped with an abundance of choppy layers that provide her with essential volume and texture.

The ends are clipped to appear soft, round and oh so lovely. This is an ideal look for other ladies who want a hairstyle that works well with natural curl especially if they have locks that are medium to thick.

sarah jessica parker hairstylesSex And The City Hairstyles Sarah Jessica Parker

Oval, square, diamond and oblong facial shapes will be flattered equally well with Sarah Jessica Parker’s carefree wavy look as well.

Visit your beautician and ask for your tresses to be cut with long layers throughout the crown with very long bangs that will frame your face.

Styling Steps - Sarah Jessica Parker's Long Curly Hairstyle

Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type
Fill your palm with mousse and distribute throughout your hair with your fingers
Use the tail end of a comb to create a center part and to arrange your hair as desired
Scrunch your locks with your fingers while blow drying, lift at the crown for volume
Once your hair is fully dry apply a light amount of pomade to the ends and throughout your hair to piece and separate the ends
Spritz with hairspray for hold

If you do not have natural curl like Sarah, simply use a wide barreled curling iron to create curls around your head once your tresses have been washed and dried.

Sex And The City Hairstyles Kim Cattrall As Samantha

kim cattralls hairstylesAs super sexy Samantha, Kim Cattrall is well aware that her vivacious image starts with her sultry hairstyle. Kim’s hairstyle is cut in such a way to make the most of her natural wave.

Kim is a fine example of the fact that less is often more, with her simplistic hairstyle that screams of sophistication, she has a dramatic look that appeals to many women without having to put in a lot of effort.

Like many fabulous hairstyles, Kim Cattrall’s can be modified to work with your own hair type, however, to have almost the exact hairstyle as Kim’s you will find this look works best for those with straight locks or with a slight natural wave.

If your locks are thick, unlike Kim’s fine tresses, your beautician may have to thin your hair out to allow the style to fall into place properly.

Book an appointment with your stylist and ask for a cut that is long and contoured. You will need plenty of layers with length so that your style is offered fullness.


The bangs on your cut will need to be left long and just able to brush your brow. The side layers of your cut should be clipped to frame your face.

Layers with a slightly messy element are what make this hairstyle stand apart. It is easy to wear, simple to style and will look incredible no matter where you go. Allow your oval, heart, diamond, round or oblong face to be framed fantastically with the same cut as Kim Cattrall’s.

Styling Steps Kim Cattrall's Wavy Hairstyle

Wash your hair with appropriate products for your hair type
Work a dollop of styling gel throughout towel dried hair with your fingers
Use your fingers to scrunch your hair while blow drying
Once your hair is dry, use a large barreled curling iron working in small sections to create curls around your head
Bend forward at your waist and use your fingers to gently comb out the curls and create waves
Mist with hairspray at your crown for lift and hold
Flip your hair back up, and scrunch lightly and spray again for hold
Mist lightly with spray shine for a glossy finish if desired

Sex And The City Hairstyles Kristin Davis As Charlotte

kristin davis hairstylesKristin Davis and her beautiful mane of dark, shiny locks have made Charlotte incredibly well loved. Her luscious hair is the envy of many woman and they want nothing more than to have hair just as beautiful as Kristin’s is.

Of all the Sex and the City girls, Charlotte by far has what is probably the simplest hairstyle. The key to why hers stands out, is how healthy, shiny and well cared for her long, lightly layered hairstyle is.

Kristin has allowed her tresses to grow past her shoulder and has had layers cut into angles from the mid lengths down towards the ends.

This offers her movement and keeps her hair from being flat and weighed down. If your tresses are long, and your face is oval, triangular, heart or round, you are bound to find that you will also look stellar in a long, lightly layered hairstyle like Kristen’s.

You do not have to have hair of medium texture like Kristen Davis does to wear this hairstyle. Your stylist can work with your hair type and help you to recreate this romantic cut.

Styling Steps Kristin Davis's Long Hairstyle

Wash your hair with appropriate products for your hair condition
Work out tangles with a wide tooth comb and disperse a golf ball size amount of mousse throughout your locks
Use a large barreled round brush working is small sections while blow-drying. Turn the ends under while you dry
Once your hair is dry, you can opt to piece the ends with your fingers and some hair wax if you like
Mist with hair shine and or spray for hold and shimmer if desired

Sex And The City Hairstyles Cynthia Nixon As Miranda

cynthia nixon hairstylesStrawberry blonde bombshell Cynthia Nixon has created a character that we love to watch in action as Miranda.

Cynthia wears her hair in a very simple chin length Bob hairstyle that is jazzed up with a touch of curly wave.

You would probably be surprised to know that Cynthia’s tresses are actually very fine as a haircut such as this provides the illusion of a lot of volume!

You will be amazed at how incredibly easy it is to recreate Miranda’s fun loving yet chic look.

Let your square, oval, oblong, or diamond face shape be beautifully framed with a light Bob hairstyle.

A visit to your salon wear you ask for a chin length Bob with some long layers for volume is the first step on your way to have the same hairstyle as one of the famous Sex and the City women!

Styling Steps Cynthia Nixons Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

Wash your hair with the right products for your hair type
Work out any tangles with a wide tooth comb
Your fingers can be used to work in a dollop of mousse
Scrunch lightly with your fingers while drying, making certain to lift at the crown for volume
When your hair is dry, use a medium barreled curling iron to form curls around your entire head
Gently work the curls apart with some styling wax and your fingers, piece and place the ends where you want them
Mist generously with hairspray for hold
You can also use spray shine for a glossy finale to your hairstyle if desired.
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