Serena Williams Hairstyle, A Long Layered Cut For Control

long layered black hairstyle

Tennis ace Serena Williams has the perfect hairstyle for both off of as well as on the court. When you have a career like Serena Williams does, you want a haircut that works well for both your business hours as well as your down time.

Luckily, this below the shoulder hairstyle fits the exact bill. Even if you do not have a career in tennis like Serena Williams does, chances are good that a hairstyle with plenty of adaptability like this one would be a good addition to your life.

Virtually everyone has numerous activities that they are active in. This means that you need a hairstyle that can take you from one event to the next.

The long layered look that Serena Williams has perfected might be exactly what you are looking for. Serena’s stylist cut short layers into her hairstyle, which provides her with body and movement.

Serena Williams Hairstyle

This is an exceptional plan for African American hair as often times black hair can be heavy which means your style is more apt to be weighed down and not last as long. There is still enough length however to easily pull your hair back when you want to. You will also be able to fashion a number of attractive upstyle hairdos whenever you want.

Serena Williams shows that African American hairstyles can easily incorporate color if that is what you are looking for. Although definitely possible to do yourself at home, because you may dramatically be altering the color of your locks, it may be best to visit a salon and have your color done by a professional hairstylist.

If you decide to have your hair clipped to match Serena Williams, you will be happily surprised at how little effort that it will take to maintain your hairstyle. Regular trims and color touch ups are all that will be necessary. Although hair that is medium to thick in texture is best suited for this hairstyle, virtually any face shape with be flattered by Serena Williams long layered cut.


Styling Steps - Serena Williams Hairstyle

Style Hair Steps After your locks have been washed with shampoo and conditioner suited for your specific hair type, use your fingers to work a dab of moisturizer through the mid lengths to the ends of your tresses.
Style Hair Steps Work a touch of sculpture lotion or mousse evenly throughout your hair with your fingers.
Style Hair Steps Start at the center of your left eye and use the end of your comb working backwards to create an even left part.
Style Hair Steps Section your hair and while using a round brush blow-dry the back of your hair under starting at the nape of your neck.
Style Hair Steps The sides of your hair will also be dried in an under motion. When drying your crown, lift at the roots to implement as much body as possible.
Style Hair Steps With a large barreled curling iron, work in small sections around your head to add additional body.
Style Hair Steps With wax on your fingers, pinch and piece the ends of your tresses and then lift at your roots at the crown of your head.
Style Hair Steps Sculpture lotion can be used at this point to form your hairstyle and provide shine.
Style Hair Steps Mist thoroughly with hairspray for hold.






Serena Williams Hairstyle

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