Sensitive Skin Care

When regular skin care turns to sensitive skin care, many women find as they age their skin becomes more sensitive and becomes unable to tolerate any unfavorable environmental conditions and can become irritated with skin care products that up until now, they used for years problem free.

Sensitive Skin Care

In general skin at any age will respond negatively to harsh detergent and other chemical based products. When you age your tolerance level to these products can become even lower and can lead to your skin getting damaged very easily and quickly. 

Sensitive skin care products should become your products of choice and they can help you avoid those potential irritants or at least keep them at very low concentrations. Also, check the instructions/ notes on the product to see if there are specific restrictions/warnings associated with the product.

Sensitive Skin Care Solutions

Read Product Labels

Here are some more ways to protect and care for mature sensitive skin. Even if a skin care product claims it is for sensitive skin always read the labels to ensure it has minimum additives for coloring's and preservatives. 


Switch to soap-free and alcohol free facial and body cleansers. Don’t let your face wait until bedtime for cleansing, remove sweat and grime after exercise or being out doors. 

Easy On The Toner

I know you have been told for years to use a toner to restore the natural ph balance of your skin after cleansing. As we hit menopause and all those changing hormones I doubt there is much of a balance left on anything. So drop the toner and if you can’t give it up opt at least for an alcohol free product. 


Switch to hypoallergenic noncomedogenic moisturizers for your day cream and night cream. Only use products specifically made for the eye area near your peepers. 


Use a lighter hand when exfoliating, your skin may be a little thinner and if you scrub hard you will do more damage than good. Never exfoliate close to your eyes. 

Take A Makeup Break 

Give your face time to breathe, try for as many no makeup days as you can or using hypoallergenic makeup removers take off the makeup as soon as you get home from work. You will find this a great pick me up to help you get through the last hours of the day. 

Protect Your Hands 

Don’t love Playtex just for their bras, add Playtex gloves to your grocery list and wear them when cleaning. If rubber is a problem for you wear a thin pair of cotton gloves underneath. You can even treat your hands to a deep moisturizing treatment by applying a hand cream first. Apply sunscreen to your hands when heading out in the sun. 

Be Sun Smart 

Sunscreen in everything, makeup with sunscreen, moisturizer with sunscreen, and hair sunscreen. When you apply sunscreen to your face also apply to your throat and to your hands. Play the celebrity with the biggest pair of sunglasses you can wear.  So, mature sensitive skin care is not too far from the skin care you did at thirty, it is just more about being careful with your skin and the products you use.
Author: Tanna Mayer

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