Senior Womens Hairstyles

There are a number of senior womens hairstyles available that can really compliment the appearance of a maturing woman.

Numerous styles are appearing that help to compliment the natural aging process.

Review the styling steps for a senior womans hairstyle that is relatively short in length and big on style.

This hairstyle helps to add body to naturally thin hair, and helps to add the appearance of height to the woman that sports the look.

Seniors Staying Stylish

Seniors Style Gallery

We have laid out the Senior womens hairstyles in a grid for you, so you do not have to bother with the tiny buttons or arrows of a slideshow.  

Enjoy short and medium styles that are both easy styling and stylish!

We have also enlarged the text size for this page, so you do not need to squint or go find your glasses!

Short With Bangs
Short And Shaped
Soft Short Layers
Great For Fine Hair
Short With Wispy Bangs
Easy Styling
Short Pixie Style With Lavender Color
Short Style With Side Bangs
Soft  Waves
A Very Popular Short Style
Soft Warm Color
Natural Styling
Stylish With A Headband
Short Parted Bob
Medium Soft Flip
Short Silver grey
Short Off The Face Style
Keeping My Blonde
Yes, A Bob Is Perfect For Seniors
Easy Home Styling

The first thing that you will want to do in order to achieve this senior women's hairstyle is wash and condition the hair.

This will help you in the means of eliminating any built up oils, and hair products that may be lingering in the hair. It is important to "start fresh" on this style.

Plus, you will need to use the hairdryer in order to assist in achieving this particular style, so having the hair wet right from the start is considered to be the ideal situation.

The next thing that you will want to do is to pat dry the hair with a thick towel once it has been washed and conditioned.

The purpose and intent of this particular step is to make certain that all excess moisture is eliminated prior to pulling out the hair dryer.

Now, you will want to take the comb that you preserved for this particular project and comb the hair straight down. Once this is done, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Now, you should take the smoothing shine that you set to the side and spray it all over the hair.

Pull out the hair dryer and the round curling brush and start in the back of the hair in drying on the highest setting.

You should then take the curling brush and part to one side. Now, you should take the brush and pull up the hair in the direction of the part and then spray with hairspray as you dry it.

The hair should almost "spike" – but in the direction in which you have the part going.

You should allow a few strands of your bangs to fall down on top of the forehead. However, to add to the effect of your hairstyle, this should be limited.

Once the hair is completely dry, you should take the curling brush and take the side that is opposite the part and push it away from the head and add hairspray. This helps to add body to the hair.

Now, you should take your curling brush and sort of "tease" the top of the head so that it adds more volume on the top of the head.

Once these steps are completed, simply spray the entire head with a light amount of hairspray.

By following the steps listed in this guide, you can optimize your appearance with one of the most popular senior womens hairstyles today!

Try This Short Spiky Style

Featured Seniors SHort Hairstyle
Seniors In Nursing Homes

But I Can't Use Those
Styling Tools!

We are very sensitive to the fact that many seniors cannot use or do not have the styling tools or products.

Your options would be a visit to the hair salon or many Nursing Homes have an in house hairdresser who visits weekly.

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