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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is the kind of treatment that is preferred by women who want to look good no matter what.

Semi-Permanent Makeup -
Is it the Right Choice for You?

This makeup procedure can enhance one's looks and provides definition to the eyes, eyebrows and lips so that those who subject themselves to this cosmetic treatment can look good all the time without the hassle of applying makeup on a daily basis.

The Benefit

Semi permanent makeup looks just as natural as normal makeup, but without the wearing off.

The reason why it is called semi permanent is because this type of makeup fades in a few years, yet those that have tried it believe it's definitely worth the cost to enjoy a newer and more attractive look that stays the same when they wake up.

Semi permanent makeup is completely waterproof, so you won't ever have to worry about ruining your makeup during heavy rain or at the pool.

Who Resorts to Semi-Permanent Makeup?

The main customers that walk in a specialist's office to have a semi permanent makeup procedure done are women that want to enhance their looks or correct certain facial features without being forced to reapply makeup every time it fades.

It is also preferred by people who suffer from cancer and other highly invasive illnesses that cost them their eyebrows.

What is Semi-Permanent Makeup and How is it Performed?

Semi Permanent Makeup LipsThis makeup is a non-surgical procedure women choose to undergo to get their lips contoured and have defined eyebrows and eyelids.

Semi permanent makeup consists of the application of pigment that is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin through the use of a tool with a sterilized needle. The specialist uses this instrument to inject numerous micro dots of pigment that contain natural iron oxide.

The effects of this makeup last for years in a row, although most patients come back for periodical touch-ups to maintain a flawless aspect. Immediately following the procedure, clients can notice darker contours than expected.

This is a normal occurrence in people undergoing this makeup session, and this should not be a reason for concern since the color needs about a week to stabilize into a definitive hue.


Such cosmetic treatments are quite expensive, most semi permanent procedures starting from $500 upwards.

The overall costs of the treatment vary according to the clinic performing the procedure, the area that needs retouching as well as the complexity of the procedure. Some treatments exceed $1000.

Makeup Procedures - Implications

Before subjecting themselves to this treatment, people are tested to avoid any allergic reactions that may be triggered during the procedure.

A topical anesthetic is also applied to minimize the discomfort the person may feel whilst the specialists punctures the area.

Those that have had a semi permanent makeup treatment done are advised to avoid sun exposure and recommended to wear a suitable sun blocking lotion. Using the latter can also extend the effects of the procedure.

As with any invasive treatment, people are at risk of developing blisters, and the risk around the affected area may crack or peel off. There were also reported extreme cases where people suffered severe disfigurements, causing them trouble when talking or eating.

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Published February 21, 2012

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