Self Tanning Products, Get Your Color Right

Self tanning products come in the form of lotions, sprays, and self tanning creams.

The sunless tan starts with the best products although it can be overwhelming to choose the best self-tanner for your skin tone.

The most common active ingredient is the amino acid reactive sugar DHA, which turns color varying shades of brown depending on how much DHA is absorbed.

A small amount leads to a golden brown, while a larger amount darkens color, but does not necessarily brown it.

We've all seen the bad, orangey-palmed result of the wrong self tan product application, or the blotchy, carroty finish when skin was not properly exfoliated prior to applying.

Your Natural Skin Tone

The various self tanning products will have varied effects on different skins.

Olive complexions, or folks with a bit more base color will have better luck with creams and lotions promising a deeper bronze, which contain much more DHA.

It's a bit trickier for the fairer skinned ladies, as they should seek out products with relatively less DHA, that offer light to medium color.

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Is Your Color Too Dark?

If you've got a product that you feel is a bit dark for you, dilute it some by mixing in a bit of a body lotion and spread evenly on your skin.

Self Tanner Costs

While self tanning products prices can vary from drugstore cheap to department store megabucks, be advised that this may be one occasion where you do seem to get what you pay for.

Finding a good sunless tanner can be tricky, and those higher quality ingredients may lend you a better result. This is, of course, not always the case, so do head out into a little trial and error.

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