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Sculptured Nails Warning

sculptured nails

The Sculptured Nail

Sculptured nails (or custom-molded) nails are fashioned by placing a mold over the fingertips to outline the shape of your real nails.

Next is brushing on layers of acrylic polymers6 until the desired thickness and length are attained. The process, when done correctly by an experienced nail technician, results in an extremely realistic, long-lasting look that the salons like to advertise as a “permanent” cosmetic fix.

What the salons won’t tell you, however, is that the very permanence of the procedure only magnifies the potential problems associated with artificial nails in general, which include saturation and softness of the underlying nail plate, irritation to surrounding skin, allergic reactions, and susceptibility to infection.

Facial eczema, intense pain in the fingertips, and lost nails are just a few of the nastier and all-too-common drawbacks to this expensive and ultimately crippling treatment.

So while you may love your “new” nails today, odds are that your old nails will suffer serious and perhaps irreversible damage over the long haul.

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