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Scott Baio ~ Casual Style

Scott Baio has been a staple of television for many years, and as someone who is in the public eye, he is aware that it is important to look good.

scott baio hair

This is something he achieves in part due to his casual short hairstyle. As time has passed, Scott Baio’s hairstyle has really not changed a lot which is fine when you look great in your hair.

With a few minor altercations to adapt to the current trends and times, Scott has essentially always worn his hair short and neat.

Although there is much to be said for playing with your hair and experimenting with styles, if you are comfortable with your hairstyle and its flattering, you should never feel the pressure to change how you wear your hair.

Scott Baio’s hair is essentially clipped short all over and worn brushed back on the sides and top with just a touch of longer strands in the very front for a casual finish.

A short hairstyle like Scott Baio’s is very easy to care for, effortless to style and perfect for all situations. This sort of cut is completely casual and free of all fuss and bother, yet the clipped close neatness makes it wearable even to a formal affair.

Enjoy, Scott Baio hair



style steps

Wash your hair with products that are complimentary to your hair type and condition

Towel dry gently and then use your fingers to work in a small dollop of styling mousse or gel

Comb your hair as desired and allow to air dry naturally You can of course choose to blow dry, and in that case, direct your hair with your fingers until it is fully dry


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Scott Baio Hair

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