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For some strange reason, when it comes to scent for men, most men fall into one of two categories. You either soak yourself daily in way too much of your old tried and tested cologne that you've been using for years, or you prefer the au natural style made famous by Mr. PePe LePew.

Whatever category you may fall into, one thing is for certain; it's time to make a change in the scent for men department. Too much of a good thing is definitely not a good thing and not enough may very well be worse. Cologne can be your best friend or your worst enemy- the key is to make sure you are doing it right!

If you're still not convinced, consider this; Liverpool University researchers have found that the sheer act of putting on cologne boosts a man's self-esteem, along with his sex appeal. Here are a few tips to get you smelling your best and driving the ladies wild.

Scent for Men- Pick a Family

Yes, even cologne comes from a family and has a long line of heritage behind it. Unlike your crazy mix up of relatives, however, there are only 5 types in the cologne family and each even has its own season:

1. Citrus (fruity without being feminine)
2. Oriental (think spicy)
3. Fougere (that rugged oak smell)
4. Chypre (woodsy)
5. Marine (think of the air you breathe in at the beach)

Your lighter scents like citrus or marine are better suited for hotter weather because of their cool and revitalizing smell. Meanwhile, warm, spiced fragrances that fall into the fougere or oriental categories are better for cold weather. Perhaps you already know what works best for you, and if so, kudos to you! If not, it's a good idea to ask the lady in your life; she's the one you want to smell fabulous for anyways, right?

Scent for Men-Take a Test Drive

One important thing to keep in mind when choosing a scent is this; just because it smells good in the bottle does not guarantee it will smell good on you. It all depends on several different factors in your skin, such as your skin type, sweat glands, and even your pH level. The best place to find something right for you is at a local department store.

They are generally well stocked with scents of all kinds and even have those handy little tester strips. When you find something you really like, spray it on your skin. Colognes have top, middle, and base notes so it may smell different after it's been sitting a few minutes.

Scent for Men-Don't Hit the Bottle too Hard

Don't make the mistake of thinking that if a little cologne makes you smell good then a lot will make you smell great. Perhaps even worse than no cologne is the light headed nauseous feeling that follows you everywhere when you've put on too much. While we're sure you smell amazing, people should be able to smell you from a few inches away; not the moment you pull into the parking lot.

A spritz here and there after a shower is perfect- no need to shower yourself in cologne as well! One helpful tip to make your cologne last even longer is to store it in the fridge. Just make sure you've grabbed the correct bottle though; eau de spray cheese is definitely not a scent for men.

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