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Scalp Massage

~ Loosen Scales On Your Scalp

~ Increase Circulation

~ Faster Than Brushing

~ Easier On Your Hair

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Scalp Massage

March 23,

Beauty And The Bath Rose

Scalp Massage Benefits

Tender Loving Care ~ Scalp Massage for Hair Care


Scalp massage delivers many of the benefits of brushing, but to a higher degree and with less stress to your hair. These benefits include:

1. The loosening of scales from the scalp

2. Better circulation, and improved flow of oil from the sebaceous glands of the scalp to the hair shafts.

3. Scalp massage is also faster than brushing. The warm, tingly feeling that tells you the small blood vessels of the scalp have been thoroughly stimulated usually occurs after just a few minutes of massage, as opposed to 10 minutes or more for brushing.

4. Plus, you don’t run nearly as much risk of fraying hairs and splitting ends with massage.

To stimulate your scalp manually, simply use the padded part of your fingertips to gently massage every portion of the scalp.

Work with both hands at once; exert steady, even pressure; and massage in a circular motion, concentrating on only a small section of the scalp at a time.

Once the area being massaged feels warm and tingly, move on to the next spot. We like to start at the crown, advance to the forehead, then make our way down the sides to finish at the back of the head and neck. You can follow our routine, or try your own. The important thing is to have a system that ensures thorough coverage of the entire scalp.

One word of warning: If your hair and scalp tend to be very oily, you should probably consider using an electric scalp vibrator rather than your hands when you massage. The oils from your fingertips and hands can intensify the oiliness of your hair and thus aggravate your problem. Electric scalp massagers are available at most stores that sell other hair care appliances such as blow-dryers and curling irons.

Scalp Massage Benefits

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Your Hair Type
Hair types can be dry or oily, here is how to tell what hair type you have, dry or oily hair usually means dry or oily skin as well



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