Sarah Harding Girls Aloud Shows A New Short Haircut For Fall

sarah hardings new short haircut

It would be rather hard to name exactly what Sarah Harding's is most famous for. One could wonder if it is her membership in the smashing girl group “Girls Aloud”, her lingerie modeling, her almost perfect features or her immensely popular hairstyles.













Regardless of which reason you have for admiring Sarah Harding's, the truth of the matter is that she is hugely imitated for various reasons by young women worldwide. This is certainly true of the platinum blonde beauty’s new short hairstyle.

This new short haircut does more than just look good in pictures. This is a good choice in cut for ladies who have fine to medium locks. The numerous layers placed throughout this hairstyle will add volume and body.

What results from that is the appearance of full, thick locks. Although obviously a very hip and trendy look, Sarah Harding's new short hairstyle is very easy to style. Even though Sarah is young, this is actually a look that would work for women of all ages very well.

If you are on the mature side in age, you may wish to slightly tone down the height of the hair- but if your bold, than maybe you will like the volume just fine! Another thing that can be said about this new short haircut is that it is very playful while still being functional. This means that you can wear a cut such as this out to the club yet not feel as if it is unsuitable for your office.

Sarah’s locks have been snipped so as to offer her beveling in the back the sides of this style are allowed to graze over the ears while her bangs are long and swept to the side. Let’s not also forget that Sarah happily marches down the retro highway with the sixties inspired lift to her crown.

All that it takes Sarah, and you too if you decide to go with a short hairstyle like Sarah Harding's is regular trims to keep your hair in good shape. With certain haircuts such as this one, you will find that if you leave too long of time between snips, your locks will be a lot harder to form into the proper style.

Depending on how quickly your tresses grow, every six weeks or so should be enough time in between visits to your stylist for a trim. If you also find yourself mimicking Sarah Harding's platinum blonde color, this would be a good opportunity to have your roots looked after as well.


Easy At Home Styling Steps

Style Hair Steps Wash your hair with products designed for your hair type.
Style Hair Steps Towel dry and detangle with a wide toothcomb.
Style Hair Steps A handful of mousse can be worked throughout your tresses.
Style Hair Steps Use your fingers while blow-drying your locks in the desired direction, when it comes to the top of your hair; lift at the roots while drying for volume.
Style Hair Steps A small amount of hair wax on your fingers can be used to work your bangs to the side and lift your roots.
Style Hair StepsMist with spray shine and or hairspray as desired.


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