Runway Fashion Models

Runway fashion models are in a league of their own. There is no doubt that there are a wide variety of models, however when one hears the term model, they often think of runway fashion models.These models must meet certain standards that are often overlooked in other modeling venues.

Runway Fashion Models

First, all females must stand at least 5'9, while male runway models must be at least 6'. This is in comparison to other modeling forms where the height standards may be lowered to 5'7 and even shorter.

For the model that truly loves fashion, glamour, and the excitement of modeling, being a runway fashion model is without compare.  The thrill of working in live shows, directly with the designer is exhilarating. It is due to this excitement that many people enter the world of modeling with aspirations of being a runway model.  Another element to fashion runway modeling is the notoriety that it brings. 

When a model makes his or her debut on the catwalk and is successful, he or she can become a personal favorite of a designer. This can lead to repeat fashion shows as well as editorial print. However, it takes more than just being beautiful or handsome to be a successful runway model. 

It is important that models understand the nature of the modeling industry and know how to walk as well as pose. There is no escaping the need for displaying attitude and confidence when on the runway and practice is of the greatest importance. Many fashion models find that the best way to prepare for a career as a runway model is to attend a legitimate modeling school

This will make certain that the model is prepared for the demands placed upon runway models. Modeling is a glamorous career, but most models agree that it takes a lot of hard work and energy to create a successful fashion show. 

When runway models have a number of shows to participate in, they often have very little time to prepare for the next show. Knowing how to stay organized and working well under pressure will help make certain that the runway model is a success. 

The Pace Is Fast For Runway Fashion Models

Fashion shows are fast paced and any model that wastes time will not fare well on runway. It's important to realize that the fashion industry is always changing. 

As the fashion industry changes, so will the needs and requirements of the runway model. Each fashion model must be willing to adapt to the latest demands and requirements.  While a model in a photo shoot can have a photo edited and retouched, the runway model is at the mercy of reality. 

There are no last minute touch ups on the runway; therefore runway models must appear flawless. Because of this, most models are young, ranging in their mid teens to early twenties. However, of late the runway has been graced with older models, ranging from 30 to even 80.

These models must have confidence, and present themselves with grace as well as with attitude. Sometimes, it's difficult for young models to have the self-confidence needed for the catwalk.

This is where modeling school can be a tremendous benefit. When girls as young as thirteen or fourteen attend modeling school, they are well prepared for a career as a runway fashion model. They will have the self-confidence needed to walk the runway with style, grace, and success.
Author: Tanna Mayer

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